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  1. Do You have a working solution of how to run Mavericks with Intel HD 4600? I've seen solutions with injection for Clover, but they all didn't work with Chameleon... There are also kexts for intel HD 4000 - but nothing for my 4600. Does anyone was able to run this card with Mavericks?
  2. Hey I am not trying to blame anyone for trying to steal my personal date, I just didnt know if uploading such things is safe and that was a question. The file was too large to upload it here, so I uploaded it via zippyshare http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/21862492/file.html And please, how can I hide the info boot0: done ? using the standard chameleon that is inside niresh distro. All solutions from the web are describing a files that my chameleon doesn't have...
  3. What information from system report do You need? I don't think that putting them all in public is safe. I will make screen shots from the one You want to take a look at. My specs: Desktop PC with: - CPU: i5-4570 3.2Ghz Haswell - MB: MSI B85-G43 Sc - GPU: (two, intel HD 4600 and current set GeForce 9400 GT 512MB) and I am using just graphic enabler = yes to correctly set the resolution and work on mac. - MEM: HyperX 4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 - HDD: Seagate 1TB SATA III 7200RPM 64MB Cache - PWR: SilentumPC Deus 600W
  4. - How can I check which kexts are unused? - I already have UseKernelCache=Yes - there is also next thing that is making boot time longer - before chameleon shows up (dual boot switch) i have all the time info "boot0 done" something like that. I was goind around the net for a solution, but their solutions seems to not work with chameleon. How can I turn of the info - and just skip this part of booting? PS. I fixed permissions and rebuilded cache. Now I am going to restart the os and check if this speeded up the booting time. Thanks edit: fixing permissions and cache didn't do anything to boot time speed.
  5. Hi ! What is Yours boot time speed on Mavericks 10.9.1 ? Mine is almost 30-40 seconds when I see apple logo and the rotating circle. My previous hackintosh which was Mountain Lion boot speed was less than 15 seconds. It was really faster than booting up Microsoft Windows. I am using normal boot using Chameleon (without efi). I've noticed that original installation of Niresh 10.9.0 was booting a bit faster, after 10.9.1 update it slowed down. But both of them are slower than my previous Mountain Lion. Please, any advice how can I speed up Niresh distro? Thanks
  6. Hi KhatPhat - You gave me a list to USB Adapters - what about PCI ? those cards are PCI one. And Thank You for the answer - I will try the ideas You gave : )
  7. Those I found in my house : ) - Now I look forward to buy a compatible one, but it has to be compatible with windows and mac because I am using dual boot. it would be nice if the PCI card will have b / g / n full 300mbps standard Any advices?
  8. ok, if there is no official drivers for this cards for Mac OS X - then is this possible to use some other kext hack from other device to work with this one? (some other way around). Sorry for my English. And Thanks for help.
  9. I couldnt find anything related to this wifi cards. That's why I posted in here.
  10. Hi, I have two wireless PCI cards, and I don't know if Mavericks will work with one of them, if so with which one and with which kext? - Planex GW-DS54GT - Techniclan WIPR-3012 Please advice, thanks
  11. Hi, I have two wireless PCI cards, and I don't know if Mavericks will work with one of them, if so with which one and with which kext? - Planex GW-DS54GT - Techniclan WIPR-3012 Please advice, thanks
  12. a little explanation would be helpfull. What I should do with this files after unpacking - where to put them?
  13. Are You planning to put 10.9.2 update inside the installer ? it would be great
  14. ok, sorry for bother - I just needed to uncheck all of the option inside AppStore. And You can hide updates by right click on them and "Hide Update". That way You won't be getting annoying information about them.
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