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  1. I have a similar error. The font on the apple menu have strange colours, usually pink or green, it changes. It happens since I sucessfully inject my Intel HD4600 My specs: Alienware 17 2013 Mobile Quad Core Intel i7-4900MQ Mother board chipset HM87, Intel Haswell Intel HD Graphics 4600
  2. Ey guys. If you have a volume which has a space in the name like Mac Os you have to use "" in the code. Also you dont have to use your usb name, but use "Image Volume". It worked for me. Sorry for my terrible english
  3. Ah! I have to use the preference panel of Voodoohda 2.8.4 because the new preference panel only display the hdmi Audio preferences
  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It works. In the beginning it had a lot of noise, but I only had to turn down the input gain, and it worked perfectly
  5. I uninstalled Voodoohda 2.8.4, and installed All in one Audio out appears. Thank you
  6. My computer is a Laptop, and i have the last Voodoohda version, 2.8.4. Thanks
  7. Yes, I know it, and it was the first I did. I changed it and it doesn't work. But if I plug my headset it work, although I don't change this option I think that the hdmi sound of the intel graphics affects my speakers' sound, but I don't know how or why
  8. I enclose my get dump, and I have a ALC668 sound card getdump.rtf
  9. Hello again, I added this key to my boot.plist and now it works. <key>SkipNvidiaGfx</key> <string>Yes</string> But, now VoodooHda doesn't work on speakers (I have sound on headset, but no on speakers). It worked before de ig injection
  10. I tried all the values. Better results are with values from 9 to 12, and the best with 10, but it has the lines of the picture
  11. Hello! I have installed Niresh on my laptop Alienware 17 with these specifications: Mobile Quad Core Intel i7-4900MQ (bios overclocked) Mother board chipset HM87 Intel HD Graphics 4600 Nvidia Geforce graphics GTX 780M Realtek ALC668 Intel Lynx Point Audio Adapter 2x SSD Crucial Raid 0 Volume (Windows 8 disk) 1x SSD 64GB Samsung PM830 mSata (OS X disk) Combo BluRay Optical Drive 16GB RAM Full HD Panel Synaptics touchpad Integrated webcam Realtek PCI card reader RTS5208 Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet controller 5G Broadcom 4352 wifi 802.11 ac 2x2 and Bluetooth 4.0 With Slytherin I achieved acelerated graphics on intel HD4600 with IntelAzulFB=10. But my display have lines as in the picture. I didn't find info about this issue. Maybe because my english is not good. Can someone help me with this issue?? Thank you
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