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  1. redownload the dmg i had this problem
  2. all right i don't know what happened but i booted and chose ignore caches -in thebootloader- and DID NOT log in my apple ID and it did not freeze , I'm running 10.9.1 without any boot flags or any problems everything works
  3. Hello I installed mavericks and after redownloading the dmg I finally was able to get to the installer and everything went fine except that after booting the system it freezes after a certain time ( 20 seconds) and I can only restart the computer manually PC info i5 3550 8 gb ddr3 , nvidia 430, also I didn't have to use boot flags to get to the installer or to boot the system.
  4. do you have windows ? if yes try running something intensive like a game see if the pc shuts quicker if not then its probably a kext problem
  5. ok i just thought it was released ( the iso ) and i am the only one who desnt see it , re-downloading now , ill edit this post with the results .
  6. This is what shows up after using -v -x -f CPUs=1 and usbbusfix=yes
  7. what iso file ? there is only the .dmg file which i downloaded yesterday through torrent .
  8. direct , no need for anything just run the program and it will boot just fine
  9. Same problem except it says disk3s2 0x3e8 undefined , before saying that the Bluetooth controller My machine : i5 3550 Asus p8h77m 8gb ddr3 1600 Nvidia 430 gt I tried -f -v -x -ncpci cpus=1 no success , but I have 10.8.5 running without problems from the first time didn't have to use boot flags or anything to install .
  10. it does not work , i mean it restores fine through disk utility and everything but it wont boot , i restored it in windows using win32diskimage it booted but no luck with actually reaching the installer , it gets stuck with the spinning circle (not the mouse pointer) no mavericks for me
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