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  1. ive already burned the iso image to one dual layer dvd and it was trash.The iso image did not work......I used windows 8.1 and right clicked iso then burn to disc with no luck.Before I waste my dual layer dvd s can anyone tell me whats going on
  2. either way you want to look at this----to your average user they don't understand servers or overloads correct?so when someone downloads a file and its fragmented or won't unzip and states corrupted then in fact the file hitting their download folder is corrupt,now whether the server was in overload or not it affected the download of the file..In return that file downloaded as corrupt...My system runs 1g internet and is fiberoptic....It seems that this has been one of the first websites I ve actually ever had a problem downloading a file so I am guessing you guys don't actually have the beefy servers needed.nonetheless it isn't my system that corrupted the file,and it may not be that file was corrupted from user,,,also you may download it clean but other users may not..The trick here is not to tell people to quit reporting false broken links but to figure out the pattern of complaint on broken links and resolve it...If khatphats files aren't corrupt-In which i had no issues downloading the 5450 kext but did with 6450 kexts then it becomes a server issue,,,not trying to complain as I do actually respect niresh s work.. i will contact niresh and see if I can help out with servers...thank you as well
  3. we all understand servers,distance and etc...Everyone here should-however I don't think you should title a post about broken links being reported falsely based on that fact how about yourself?considering its a crapshoot to get the damn file...You may get it but the next may not so to the next the damn file would look broken now wouldn't it......I don't mind sharing my servers if it helps people here get their download and correctly but one way or another if the damn file doesn't come down the same size every time or won't unzip it means its broken..If I upload my files to my server and 2 people out of 10 state they couldn't unzip it or it came down in dif sizes then I m going to hop my ass on that server........So my debate with you guys is against the title of this post......Where some say khatphats 5450 kext is corrupt it worked flawlessly for me however the 6450 kext was dogshit corrupt as hell for me,file broken and I m proud I labeled the damn thing broken.After 11 or 12 attempts I unanimously decided with myself the damn thing is broken.Bought the hd5450 graphics card then downloaded khatphats 5450 kext came down perfectly no issues......So instead of claiming people are falsely stating broken files I say beef your shit up or borrow some shit...Right???? you ve made khayphat so happy look above he s doing the happy dance for your clarification-now clarify his shit works half the time...Last week you had issues with page links I ll volunteer my basic html coding to make sure if you click page 2 it goes there and I have 4 servers I have no issues dedicating to site
  4. @deadmau5-once again didn't for me....Out of several attempts at different times of day and night it did not for me.So maybe it should work for everyone all the time?If server is being overloaded maybe some improvements to said server?or a flashing sign next to downloads like mcdonalds would do?stating its safe to download now?Although I tend to agree if you download something-use it and it doesn't work it isn't the contributors fault I do state if you can't download it is in fact broken.So maybe the ones reporting broken are in fact truthful>maybe some improvements to server very helpful....Whatever the cause I still state the damn thing is broken.If it does not make it into my downloads folder in one piece I ll stick with that...I noticed khatphat states that people complain a lot the hd5450 kext is broken ironically it worked for me to download it so it isn't broken for me so if you don't like people complaining files are broken you know where to look-would also like to state off topic sometimes as I m browsing through forums if i click page 2 it just sends me to page 1 again I never get to the next page,,,so maybe the whole damn site is messed up.Just my opinion -before we claim its the browser I m running 5 dif os s -mavericks,ubuntu 13.10,gnome,linuxmint,windows 8,,,,,it happens in each one of them....lol...this would be the first site Ive been on where you tell the moderators that each time you download the file it comes down in dif sizes,you can't unzip it but they still claim its not broken-no wonder I ended up fixing my issues by myself.Im not really seeing anyone here with any abilities sorry just my opinion as well
  5. @Deepak- yes I have,tried several things before I went ahead and clicked it as broken...One of the reasons I went ahead and bought the hd540 and strayed from hd6450 was because I couldn't get khatphats 6450 kexts....however I downloaded khatphats 5450 kexts and am using them now they worked flawlessly.Another thing I was curious about-----in his description he speaks of placing both files in kext wizard...When I was able to open it I saw just one kext no other file
  6. KhatPhat-your RADEON HD 6450 KEXT is in fact corrupt however your 5450 is not.When you download a file and it in fact wont unzip it is corrupt.However out of the several times I downloaded it it was several different sizes.I may not be great in the hackintosh world but I m a master with Linux,windoze,etc.......6450 kext corrupt as hell and broken,,,,I reported it as broken....to clarify it wouldn't unzip either after downloading it atleast 10 times at different times of day and night
  7. no problem and thank you
  8. KhatPhat-I clicked your linked but says it cant find file
  9. CAN you tell me what your graphics card is please?Im having some issues as well such as yours
  10. ok.I ll give that a try I just hate being so close and cant figure it out....When the graphics work though they have been perfect however that's only on bootup after an install lol....
  11. Thanks KhatPhat I ll give it a try.
  12. I honestly don't think it matters if I skip nireshs permissions because at one point or another I m going to have to repair permissions anyway and its going to screw up I m sure...let me also add I m running this same card on my system and I have no issues at all with it even after permissions,,,The only difference i see is my system is intel and his is amd
  13. @- I did that,I made a copy of the amd6000controller.kext before I installed the os one time...after permissions finished i deleted the corrupt amd6000controller.kext and installed the new one that was fresh...Upon rebooting I was hit with the white screen...Once I removed the 6450 graphics card and installed the os using onboard graphics thinking amd6000controller.kext would be good if I installed the 6450 after the install- I was correct,it did work however upon reboot I was hit with the white screen again froze......
  14. @- I installed an msi radeon hd 6450 graphics card...once installed my graphics are perfect but after your permissions repair the icons in launchpad turn pink ,when i reboot I'm stuck at a white screen...any ideas?
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