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  1. Oh i meant like another hard drive as my os is on a40gb hdd and running out of space
  2. So like you can extend the partition onto a partition onto another drive? Is that what your saying?
  3. Hi, couldnt find any proper place to ask this but believe this would be the right forum to do so, Does anyone have any idea about creating a hacintosh server as im looking to make one to train myself up with servers for a career path, if anyone could shed some light or have any knowledge, please do share! Cheers
  4. No what it is is i want to use one hard drive as the os drive and a secondary drive for all apps, music, downloads and documents like you can on windows set it so app files install to a secondary harddrive to keep my install drive free and clean from clutter
  5. I have bigger HDD's just full of crap and windows bollocks which i might be scrapping as long as i can trust this mac haha
  6. yeah i guess thats the only way i know it seems an obvious question haha!! but like what about apps and that as i got my OS on a 40gb hdd and space is rapidly dropping :s
  7. Hi does anyone know how to setup another hard drive to store data and apps so i can keep my osx hdd free of clutter and speed it up, such as when you install an app it installs onto the secondary hard drive or download something from safari it automatically goes to that HDD i know how to do it on windows but not osx Anyone help?
  8. i just reinstalled and stayed on 10.9.1 saves my tears off frustration haha
  9. got a asus 5450 silent graphics card
  10. reinstalled on separate hard drive and somethings gone different and messed it up so gonna have to wipe it.. if i can get the darn usb to boot again -.- can someone help with the kernel panic? cheers
  11. Yeah currently doing that onto another HDD but had to recreate the boot usb as its gone corrupt Knew i should have backed up so im gonna get it going on the other hdd and experiment with the broken install see if i can bring it back to life, if not wipe that drive and mirror new install to that so i got 2 and then get rid of windows and use that 500gb as a data disk as windows now hates me and gone mega slow, Will try those flags tho and get back to you:)
  12. Hi there upgraded to 10.9.2 big mistake, put amd kernel as mach_kernel.bak, updated and used bootflags mach_kernel.bak and -v and i get a kernel panic saying can't perform kext scan: no kext summary Someone please Heeeeeeelp meeeeeee Cheers https://twitter.com/j_white94/status/438831134693396480
  13. I dont know how to find that out on mavericks haha
  14. Anyone know what might cause graphics to go funny when using safari or chrome? Its sort of like when you fast forward a vcr the horizontal lines that go down and flickers til the web page is fully loaded? And also is there a way to speed up the read write process for the hard drive it takes a while to install kexts or browse files, the machine seems a bit sluggish overall
  15. hi there thanks for replies this is now solved, installed nForceLAN 0.62.14 and works perfect
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