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  1. So now i have working mac, it boots, but only in safe mode(-x), and launchpad and safari are buggy(https://cloud.mail.ru/public/21ab24226ca9/IMG_2428.MOV) I realise that for launchpad i should install driver for intel hd 2500 But what to do with safe mode? When normal boot(not safe mode) it boots,and without kernel panic, but it freezes just before login screen. I realise myhack can fix problematic kext's, but i could nt start myhack in safe mode Any suggestions?
  2. There is no kernel panic, with -v, only black terminal screen; and pointer in a corner
  3. I have booted mavericks with ForceHPET=yes, i launched multibeast, selected mac mini 6.1 system definition(for gfx driver) and now there is an apple logo and forever spinning wheel. By what it can be caused?
  4. High Precision Timer is enabled, but i cannot find where to set it to 64bit mode
  5. Hi I am installing mavericks distro, but after installation there is famous HPET error. With boot flag ForceHPET=yes i can boot the system, till login to apple id page, after that it freezees for a minute, and then it comes back to select country page. What should i do? Asus p8-h77-v-le mb Intel core i5 3550 Intel hd2500 gfx 16gb g scull ram 80gb sata hdd
  6. I am new to hackintosh, so how can i do that? It seems that i have file AppleIntelCPUPowerManagment.kext in /S/L/E
  7. No HPETs avalinle... CPUs configured incorrectly
  8. Hi I am new to hackintosh so i am trying to install niresh maverick distro to my pc. Installation passes fine, but on first boot it stucks at "login with apple id" page. Mouse stop moving, keyboard stop printing, i did not hear any hdd read/write operations. No kext were removed/added, just clean installation. My specs Intel core i5 3550 Asus p8 h77 v le mb Intel hd 2500 gfx 80gb hdd
  9. Thank you, it works, sorry for silly thread
  10. Pc specs: Intel core i5 3550 Asus p8 h77 v le 16gb g skull ddr3 80gb sata hdd Intel hd 2500 graphics
  11. Hi, I am trying to install mavericks. Installer works, but it does not detect my sata disk. In 'diskutil list' i have twelve separated disks, even i have only thumb drive and hdd plugged. What should i do?
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