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  1. Try -no-zp bootflag, of why don't you try yosemite?
  2. Hello, I tried to update from 10.10.1 to 10.10.2 with a combo installer. After the install the system was unable to boot. I get a panic. I could not boot with -x . But managed to boot with -s and replace /System/Library/Extensions/ with the 10.10.1 Extensions and /System/Library/kernels with the 10.10.1 Kernel. Now I can boot and system information shows 10.10.2. Is there an way to use the 10.10.2 Extensions and kernel? Can someone help me with this?
  3. Does anyone know how and whre I do start/find de postinstall script? I can not find this script. And I think I need this script after I did an update to 10.10.2
  4. I do not have a /.OSinstallsandBoxpath hidden folder. Should it really be in root?
  5. Bartver


    Where is the kernel located? [Edit] Found it: /System/Library/Kernels And with kexts you mean the entire /System/Library/Extensions directory? Or is there something else? I tried 10.10.2 before and wasn't able to boot afterwards. kernel panic, not solvable with -x of other bootflag.
  6. Can we use this boot flag ( /haswell ) on an installed system?
  7. What is the differende beteen this version 1.4 and other macpois0n versions 2.4 and 2.6?
  8. I think the problem was the app store osx update. I did a reinstall and everything is working well now.
  9. Strange, I'm able to boot osx by using the yosemite installation usb and choosing the root partition. In that case there is a problem with Clover?
  10. I did some research booted in single user mode (-s) and gave the command: ls -l |grep Mar in the /System/Library/Extensions directory. this gave me: The changed or new files of 20:12 are probably the problem. What do you think? Is there a solution?
  11. I'm absolutely not sure if this helps you both, but I'm able to start the isntaller en install Yosemite with the -no-zp bootflag. I even forgot what it meant. I have a haswell cpu too.
  12. I installed a new Yosemite setup and everything worked great for a moment. Triplebooting Win, Lin and OSX. Booting with clover UEFI. But suddenly with aan reboot and after an apple update (Maybe this was a mistake) Clover is much smaller then the screen and the system suddenly reboots with this last screen: Does this have anything to do with Bluetooth? (BCM4352 Wifi and Bluetooth patched for 5Ghz). Or is there something else going on? Please some advise.
  13. I did not get it working with chameleon. So I did a reinstall selecting the Clover uefi bootloader. No clover startsup en lets mee chosse between Windows 8, Linux Ubuntu and OSX. Eventhing worked perfect till today. I'll open a new thread.
  14. Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.0.132 - Chameleon v2.2svn r2286 Build date: 2013-12-27 22:41:01 Secure is disabled in Uefi I'l have to find ut how to remove grub on bootsector sda. What bootmanager do you use on your quad boot system?
  15. Believe me, Elementary OS (a Ubuntu derivative) is a full Linux distro! Just Like Ubuntu itself is full Linux. Do you mean I have to remove grub from sda? My UEFU computers boots Grub from /dev/sda and the default os to boot is Elementary. But When I boot the OSX harddisk (UEFI F8 selection) then that is the default.
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