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  1. @Race MoChridhe Hit the spacebar on your keyboard.
  2. @mtx4 Very slim chance of seeing a Niresh Distro just for 10.9.2 especially with 10.9.3 around the corner
  3. @H.Kabir Search before you post ? Dual Boot with Clover
  4. @bjadams Fixing sleep on a hackintosh is rarely straight forward. A DSDT patch maybe be required if you do wish to traverse through that path. Otherwise just install caffeine to prevent your hackintosh from going to sleep.
  5. @vatrogasacjoza Identify your Audio Card (model no. codec etc..)
  6. @ Have you referred to this article ?
  7. @bjadams The appstore fix is bascially adding a fake en0 port using a NullEthernet kext The fix for your battery if this kext - Voodoo Battery
  8. @FightClub People's way of thanking us at Niresh is liking others posts If you are having sluggish performance, it likely means that you are not getting full QE/CI. I still recommend you try the EDID method.
  9. @Deepak@Aman All the compatibility fields must be marked as required and one must not be able to post a download without filling out these fields. Leave it to @ to code that system for the website.
  10. @ This should be set as a rule for the uploaders not the moderators as they can't add descriptions to each and every file. Maybe a description base limit of ~20 - 30 words can help.
  11. @FightClub If you have followed all steps and tried playing with Clover's settings and still failed, either i recommed trying to inject your display ID using the DisplayID-717 file or just wait for the 10.9.3 update. If you can send me your EDID, i will patch the necessary files and send it back to you.
  12. @ I had a similarly specced laptop w/ the GMA 950 (save the Intel Atom Processor) and it handled 10.5.8 just fine. Think Snow Leopard will run fast enough.
  13. @FightClub I did make a guide to enable qe/ci on an ATI card. But the EDID injection steps will be applicable to you also. Just follow the guide till the EDID injection part and just select Inject Nvidia in Clover Bootloader. To go to the video guide click here
  14. @ The Pi is epic. Shows you what a $35 ARM processor can do. As far as OSX goes, mavericks might be a bit to hard for it to handle. Since you're geeky, experiment with the OSX Lion Beta. As i said before installing the .dmg with myhack will likely be your only option. Windows 8 can run fine even with 1GB of RAM AFAIK. A stable OSX install (if you can acheive it) will probably have to be Snow Leopard IMO.
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