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  1. i am using this for the same wifi adpater. only problem i am having is the adapter wont let the computer sleep, any suggestions?
  2. So i got it up and running sort of. I cant start unless I'm in safe boot. It hangs at Hfs: mounted Time on device0s3 Any idea what the is?
  3. the only option i have is intel multiple display enable/disable. and the back of the computer has 1 hdmi port that is not on the graphics card!
  4. how would i go about doing that? it only has the one video card?
  5. Its actually in a desktop. I just recieved a dell XPS 8700 for free . Other than the video card it seems like it would make a nice hackintosh machine. I had mavericks up and running last night with the gt635, but i couldnt get it to fully work then i swapped out the card for a gts 8800, it worked fine . Somehting went wrong and i was only able to boot to safe mode. so i decided to do a fresh install. now it installs fine but it is stuck in a boot loop. i cant remember the exact options i chose last night. sorry for the novel. Intel i7 4770 3.39 8 gb ram geforce gts 8800 ( gt635 if can get it to work)
  6. Very nice program and a very helpful tool. Unfortunately my graphics card, GeForce GT 635 1024 is not supported and has been reported. Will this card ever work? or should i swap it out now?
  7. jzmax22

    AMD Kernel for OS X

    well i installed it a few different ways, every time i use it, it say kernel panic , there is support for amd on lion 10.8. doesn't make an any sense to me. any help would be greatly appreicated.
  8. jzmax22

    AMD Kernel for OS X

    i cant get this to work, when i extract it , its not a kernel file. so what is the proposed method of install?? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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