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  1. I did that before the installation. I figured it out. All i had to do is to install EVOenabler.kext. That solve my problem. Thanks anyway for your time.
  2. I'm going mad here. Do you have any other suggestion?
  3. Steve cord, I can't use my hd200. I can't even detect it in bios. Deepak, didn't work man. I'm desperate.
  4. Thanks for your time but still no luck. Is there anything else i can try? I'm trying on dvi and vga but nothing works. Only hdmi.
  5. Tried every possible combination. No luck. My dvi connected monitor keep saying CHECK CABLE CONNECTION. But my hdmi displays correctly.
  6. Ok. New data man. I installed 10.9 with my radeon 5450 through hdmi port (on tv). I booted and installed 5450 kexts. Now i can only boot with hdmi. No vga no dvi. Any help?
  7. Ok. Things gone to the worst. My onboard graphics stoped working after the 10.9 installation. I even installed the official bios update but it's not even recognized in bios. Did i just lost my onboard graphics card!?
  8. It is checked by default. Anything else? No luck with that.
  9. I'm on hdmi. Vga does not even get me through here. I used SBIOS Macmini 5,1 because it's closer to my specs. I've tried many (including the default) but with no luck.
  10. Hi again. I've succesfuly installed 10.9 but now i get stuck in first boot (apple logo). I think the problem is my onboard graphics (intel hd graphics 2000). Any suggestions?
  11. Istallation goes just fine, but on first boot i get stucked in apple logo. I've tried -x, -F but no luck. Anyone?
  12. Thanks mate. That worked. But i want to use my graphics card. Can you please tell me how to do it?
  13. Hey people, i have a major issue. Niresh 10.9 can't even get into the installer. I patched my UEFI BIOS and when trying to get into installer i get a black screen and nothing else until i restart. I even tried to boot with -v, i got 10 lines and in 3 seconds a black screen again. Anyone can help? Setup: Asus p8h61-m pro Intel i3-2100 3.10Gz AMD ATI Radeon hd5450 Thanks in advance.
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