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  1. Hi guys, I recently purchased a HP EliteBook 8560w and I'm trying to get Mavericks installed but as you can guess by the title of this thread, i'm running into some issues. I can install the OS fine, but when I go to boot for the 1st time it kernel panics. I have attached 2 pictures of what the kernel panics contain in hope that someone has an answer. I have tried to do research on this issue prior to making this thread. Thank you for your support. Laptop specs: Intel Core i5 2540M 6GB DDR3 SODIMM Memory (4GB + 2GB Modules) 500GB Sata 7,200RPM Hard Drive 1920x1080 FHD display AMD FirePro M5950 1GB GDDR5 graphics Bios version: F.42 (Latest)
  2. Hi guys, "Crispe1" is my work account.. since I use this account with Google and i can't sign into Google+ at work I have to use a separate account. If someone could get back to me on this that'd be great. Thank you
  3. How did you attach the DMG file into virtualbox? I get VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED???? If I manage to hook the DMG into virtualbox I could probably assist you with getting it working. Thanks
  4. https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/236-voodoohda-for-mavericks/ - This resolved my issues! thank you Deepak!
  5. I get the same problem on my HP XW6400 workstation .. I managed to get a 10.5.5 image to boot but anything newer than that refuses to boot without the help of a already installed chameleon bootloader.. and even then i run into kernel panics after install lol
  6. Messaged Deepak as Niresh recommended. Thank you for that recommendation bro.
  7. Wow I actually got a reply from Niresh himself.. holy smokes.. dude, I love your work and thank you ever so much for going to all the effort helping us poor folk getting OS X up and running on our PCs! Massive, massive respect from the UK buddy. Your work is legendary.
  8. Hi guys thanks for reading this post.. I can install Mavericks perfectly fine on my PC but I run into 1 problem.. I don't get any sound out of my HDMI port.. it seems like the graphics card is fully functional as I can display any resolution my monitor supports and the UI isn't choppy or anything like that. Not having HDMI Audio is my only issue and I really need OS X for Garageband.. (coincidence my HDMI Audio isn't working right? lol) My system specs are: Intel Core i3 3220 ASUS P8H61-i R2.0 ITX motherboard Nvidia EVGA GTX 760 ACX 10GB RAM (I know an odd amount) 8+2GB SanDisk 64GB SSD 3x 10k RPM 500GB Hard Drives Please note that I am a mac noobie Thanks!
  9. just tried iDeneb 10.5.7 and keep getting "Error loading Mach_Kernel" ...
  10. I've tried booting it through "Chameleon / Clover" and that works, but it doesn't go into setup.. it just hangs whilst trying to load the drivers with "Error Loading Drivers" ... ? Thanks Process: 2GB USB + 8GB USB Plug in 2GB USB, Boot off of it with Chameleon / Clover, plugin 8GB USB with OS X Mavericks.dmg on it and select that, try to boot into it but then it gives the error "Error loading Drivers" Edit: I'm using Transmac (Windows) to restore the OS X image to the USB
  11. I'm really stuck with this.. I'd appreciate anyones help or guidance.
  12. Hi guys I'm a complete noob when it comes to Mac, I am wanting to try and get it up and running on my alternate workstation but I'm running into some issues with the OS X Mavericks Niresh build The hardware specs of the machine are as follows: 2x Intel Xeon E5160 @ 3Ghz (Dual CPU) 4x2GB FB-DIMM DDR2-667Mhz ASUS Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB Graphics Card 1x 320GB Seagate Hard Drive @ 7,200RPM (Sata II) Some generic WiFi card HP Motherboard with the Intel 5000X Chipset My main issue is that I cannot boot the OS X mavericks DMG off of a USB key. My main PC picks it up and boots from the USB but the workstation doesn't want to recognise it for some reason (tried to boot windows from USB and that works) I have also tried to partially install OS X Mavericks on my main rig (AMD) and then continue the setup on the Intel Workstation.. obviously this didn't work. I had multiple issues for e.g Waiting for root device, Bluetooth module missing (or something along the lines of that), setup cannot continue, etc etc.. A complete waste of time. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or guidance on how to get it working? I have followed the instructions included in the mavericks file. Thanks
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