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  1. I have the same laptop.. use Clover as bootload and replace your config.plist with the file from https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config/blob/master/config_HD4600.plist the nvidia card loading is disabled by nv_disable=1 arg in that list I also changed the ig-platform-id to 0x0a260000 which fixes the weird menu bar for me I also used these patched kext files (shouldnt be needed with clover) https://mega.co.nz/#!gR5i0J5L!pEhHU5VJB0_mS2z7HiW4zg1moijWqJfEJ4NKX5NbXtg Works fine for me
  2. Hey ho, I have a few problems with my hackintosh. The response time while copy files, install apps, sometimes the ui is really slow Maybe someone has a little idea ? Oh and I cant get my keyboard working system: Mavericks 10.9.5 (Updated form niresh 10.9.0) Acer Aspire 7551G Laptop AMD Phenom II N930 4x2ghz 8GB DDR3 Ram 250GB Samsung SSD with Trim enabled ATI Mobility 5650 1GB on 17" display (opengl is a bit slow since i use only aty_init stuff) I hope for some help
  3. a bit late, but nobody answers my other threads. 1. Clover just stuck in a black screen for me 2. Tried it with Chameleon and modify a framebuffer, but after changing just one byte makes the framebuffer crash or failing to load, whatever.
  4. Hey I installed the latest Clover boot loader with the instruction from on which was posted here on my system: Acer Aspire 7551G AMD Phenom II N930 2GHZ 8GB DDR3 ATI 5650M 1GB Niresh 10.9 But now I stuck on: boot1: /boot 6 -> Black screen. Tested on an Intel Notebook too (Both a default bios)
  5. Hey community, fist my hardware: Acer Aspire 7551G, AMD Phenom II N930 4x2ghz, ATI Mobility 5650 1024GB, Samsung 250gb ssd, 8gb ddr3 with Niresh 10.9 now my problem: I just installed the latest Clover version from sourceforge on my usb stick, tried some configs, etc. But I always get a back screen after the message: b1f: init6 nothing more. I hope some people can help me
  6. You used Niresh 10.9 ? or just an own version
  7. I guess you have a lvds connector too. This means your Graphics Card is supported, but you have to patch the Framebuffer which you use to match your connector types and the lvds connector thing.
  8. I didn't use Niresh for my Mavericks install. I used Retail Mavericks with the required Kext like FakeSMC which are needed for a hackintosh and the latest amd kernel. Mavericks has build in support for the Mobility 5650. The only problem for is my Internal display. It has a LCVD cable for my 17" display and I guess I have to patch my Framebuffer to work with this connector. I prefer to use Hoolock because the HDMI port works fine with it. on Eulemur the VGA works without probs. But I didn't find out what I have to patch
  9. 1. Download & install TransMac 2. Load the *.dmg file 3. Right click on the loaded file -> Restore to USB Device To be sure you could set the USB partition to 'active' Then you can boot from your USB device on a PC/VMWare/VirtualBox with FreeBSD 64 Bit as settings or make a iso from that stick
  10. Ok finally I got my card 'working' on my notebook, but not with 10.8.2 or 5. I installed mavericks with amd kernel, etcBuut my display isn't working:any idea?vga resolution is not the best but it works with a tv
  11. yes vincent is right, here your cpu product info: http://ark.intel.com/products/36331
  12. it really stucks on the ntfs driver thing? you waited a few minutes after this message?
  13. please boot in verbose (-v) mode and maybe debug=8 and we will see where it stucks
  14. then just restart the computer. It's ok if it says that it fails at the end. just restart it with -v & amd kernel cache parameters
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