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  1. I have installed it without enabling the graphics so after installing can I enable the graphics
  2. i added -v in the kernal flag and choosed all the options and was stuck at boot with this error message
  3. ok i will try without it.... i will add -v in kernel flag script and graphicenabler = yes and Pciroot = 1 and macbook 8.2 ok ??
  4. have you changed your ur hard disk mode in bios to AHCI........change it then reboot.... and try..
  5. i couldnt find SkipAMDGfx=yes in the list... i searched a lot so leaving it rest all i ticked but this time after installing it stuck at the boot logo and the loding circle kept on going and it dint load....
  6. both methods dint work it came the same black screen but the method of this friend of mine worked.... www.maconpc.com/forums/topic/1135-niresh-boots-to-black-screen-and-voice-over-tutorial/?p=5847 but no wifi and bit of flickering is there any way to solve it,...?
  7. thank u a lot...your method worked but there is no wifi.... and little flickering,.....
  8. ok i need to put this in org.chameleon.Boot.plist file right??? must i make a new line in it or paste in the script of kernel flag?????????
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