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  1. Its possible enable auto on keyboard backlight after start mavericks ? now after start mavericks i must enable backlight with FN key +F4 (asus n56vj)
  2. and when i installed clover with boot loader boot0ss and clover EFI 64 bits sata now its boot0af:arror after start
  3. Please help. boot0ss:error when I boot from disk. I have laptop asus n56vj, master boot record partition, only mavericks on laptop (not windows)
  4. i was installed chameleon and i use chameleon wizard and installed boot0 but on bios is not hard disk.. only dvd rom.. boot options. boot is possible only from dvd . wats the problem ? i don't now..
  5. when I use slitherin and installing chameleon.. = the same problem.. hard disk is not on bios and boot only from dvd.
  6. Please help. I have mavericks only on my laptop (asus N56VJ) And boot is possible only from dvd. Boot from hard disk is not possible (hard disk is not on bios.) Mavericks 10.9.2 Guid partition.
  7. Please its possible both from hard disk mavericks, when i have only mavericks in my laptop ? (guide map partition) /asus n56 vj/
  8. I have laptop . 1 step was. mavericks installer guide partition 200 gb (from 1tb hdd) 2 step windows installer create and format others partition .. 3 step install mavericks 4 step install windows 8,1 I have 1 hdd - 5 partitions.. . first partition 200 mb EFI sekond partition is 200gb " mac" disk other .. 3. 128mb MSR (win 8,1) 4. system C (win NTFS) 5. Data D (win NTFS)
  9. You must on bios specify graphic 64 mb shared.. after start your book - F2
  10. Please help. I have mavericks 10.9.2 and windows 8,1 . When I use boot from cd rom in bios (mavericks install dvd) , no problem start mavericks or windows.. but when i use hard disk boot in bios (windows boot manager) , than only windows started.. Thanks
  11. Hi, please exist any driver for nvidia gt 635M , or not working this card ?
  12. Please can you tell me, how to enable subwofer on laptop asus n 56 vj ?
  13. Thank you very very much my friend .. all working perfectly thank you
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