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  1. Hi guys, I'm using MaconPC 10.10.1 updated to 10.10.2 from apple store. I can't enable all pstate for my cpu. I have only 12x e 24x states. no turbo !!! Any suggestion ? Thanks for support!
  2. Thanks for your answer! All graphic extensions? How can ati radeon hd3450 work without kexts?
  3. Hi guys, I'm installing Mac On PC yosemite 10.10.1 on toshiba satellite a300 laptop: intel pentium p6200 2,26ghz (dual-core) aty mobility radeon 3450/70 The installation from USB key works with USBBusFix=Yes (fix waiting for root device) and is completed successfully, but at next reboot pc doesn't work. I have tried with bootflag: -x -f ncpi=0x3000 GraphicEnabler=yes/no PCIRootUID=0/1 but I can't solve issue. Attach File: my verbose mode screen. Any suggestion ??? thaks you for support!
  4. NOBODY HELP ME ?????????? ANY MODERATORS ????????? I'm using your Mac On PC and I have a problem, please !
  5. I have repeated that procedure but DON'T WORK !!!!!!!!!!! WHY ??????
  6. Anybody help me please ??? Any guides ??? thanks
  7. Hi guys, is the first time for me in this forum. I have installed Mac On PC 10.10.1 on samsung np350v5c: cpu i7-3630 2,4ghz (ivy bridge) - working intel HD 4000 - QE/CI not fully working Amd Radeon - not working (not supported) ALC269 (working) RTL8168/8111 (working) enoch booloader (working after boot0 error fix) My great problem is HD 4000: I've installed with only IGPEnabler=Yes and latest enoch version. Monitor resolution, simple graphic effects, dvd played and chess are working fine, BUT apple menu bar is NOT GLOSSY and ROTATION in NOT supported in graphic/monitor properties. I've tried all combination of GE IGP and FrameBufferCapri values, but situation is not better (if I don't use GE or IGP my HD 4000 don't work) Than I've tried with [NEW] Intel HD 3000 & HD 4000 Driver 10... but kexts of that release are the same that I've already with 10.10.1 installation and so the situation is not changed! Anybody can help me to make QE/CI fully work ??? Any suggestion ??? Bless you! PS: (my HD 4000 properties) Intel HD Graphics 4000: Modello Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 4000 Tipo: GPU Bus: Integrato VRAM (dinamica, massima): 1024 MB Fornitore: Intel (0x8086) ID dispositivo: 0x0166 ID revisione: 0x0009 Monitor: Monitor: Risoluzione: 1366 x 768 Profondità pixel: Colore 32 bit (ARGB8888) Monitor principale: Sì Duplicazione: Spento Online: Sì Integrato: Sì
  8. Hi guys, Yesterday I have installed MaconPC 10.10.1 with only IGPEnabler=Yes for my HD 4000, but QE/CI is not fully working: graphic effects are fluid, resolution and video players work fine, BUT menu bar are NOT gloss and in graphic/monitor properties rotation is NOT supported. Now I have tried [NEW] Intel HD 3000 & HD 4000 Driver 10.10.1! but the situation doesn't change !!! I'm CONFUSED because new release have the same kexts of my Mac On PC 10.10.1 with same dimension and same date. Can you help me ? Thanks !
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