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  1. Try to reflash the BIOS. The DMI data pool is the list of input output devices on your computer. You can find the bios on the Manufacturares website and the instructions how to flash it aswell. This problem can only be fixed with a bios reflash. This problem doesn't occur when the harddisk is not connected to the system?
  2. No, you don't have to modify the bios. It will also run with a patched AppleIntelpowermanagment kext. But patching it will make it easier to manage your hackingtosh because powermanagment will be done natively without any patches.
  3. You can try, to remove the CMOS battery so that the BIOS checksum can be restored again. You have to find out how to do that for your laptop on the internet. It might help. Good Luck
  4. NO! You will brick your pc/laptop. You have to boot using nullcpupowermanagment OR do the fix yourself (second one recomended)https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285444-uefipatch-uefi-patching-utility/Use the old PMPatch and read carefully!
  5. if you are using the niresh distro you should try: atom -v
  6. have you installed FakeSMC? Are you sure that it is beeing loaded?
  7. You need to tell us which ethernet card you have, and USB controller.
  8. Can you make a screenshot form your graphics in system profiler
  9. Lol, posting something and solving it yourself! That is what we want.
  10. Yes you can, but you have to backup your kernel, and you have to reinstall your AMD and Audio kexts.
  11. Also you might want to use an Intel core i5, graphics are the most important. There are nvidia & ATI cards that work out of the box. You can google those. And when you intalled Niresh, try to make an vanilla install. They work way better than disro's
  12. What graphics card do you have?
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