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  1. Hi guys, if i have a fully working Intel machine, an Asus X55C with 10.10.1 Yosemite, and i desktop AMD 1090T Gigabyte 990XA GTX660 OC fully working too(but can't login to iCloud), what do i have to do to migrate my working Intel account on AMD in the fastest way? I've a usb hdd where i can clone easily with CCC, already done a lot of times... The only thing that remains before having a totally working AMD hackintosh is iCloud, and some graphic glitches with Nvidia drivers, but i'm satisfied
  2. New Update, sorry for the double post, only not to make confusion: Got everything works, now i can login to App Store and other elated apps, but the big problem with the icons in Launchpad and in Safari still remains.Maybe now it's only a graphic compatibility i think. Another problem is that i can't login to iCloud, always says me that there'"s a valid Apple ID but can't login to iCloud" when i try to login. Any suggestions on how to solve this last problem?
  3. It works for me, appreciate....Amd 1090T 990XA GTX 660OC Gigabyte
  4. No way to get my Gigabyte GTX660 OC to work, any idea on how to solve? Now i'm trying to install all in one ethernet solution, but i think i'll not have much luck, beacuse ther's no ethernet in my connection after install Update: Ethernet installed correctly after AIO solution, but no graphic acceleration after install nvida web driver official, any idea on how to solve for GTX 660? New Update: Got my Nvidia GTX660 working using flag nvda_drv=1, kext-dev-mode=1 and installing web update, but there are 2 little problems. First is glitching image on desktop and browser, some icons are strange coloured on safari, then the desktop background, that works only if i select the Yosemite Mountain as wallpaper,there are many strange colors as background:D WTF??another problem is that Nvidia Driver manager gives me an error and doesn't start The second is, Safari that has this strange icon in light blue, and when i try to load facebook for example it restarts continuosly. Apart from this problem the Mac is working great and the graphic acceleration is superb. Do you know how to solve these two little problems?
  5. Maybe you don't uderstand, i know how to boot from hdd, but it doesn't boot because if i load chameleon from HDD it restarts immediately, then i've to load first from pendrive and then select HDD with the right flag. Update: OK, all the things in the right way, reinstalled completetly, copied AMD kernel from terminal, now the system starts correctly... I try to install the kext now
  6. Ok, i'm sorry, don't read it before. Now, how can i boot directly from hdd and not from usb pendrive as i'm doing now? How to try another kernel? Update: tried to reinstall completely, now i'm not be able to launch the system from neither from the pendrive....really saaaaaaaaaaaaad, :( I can i repair this??Why now the computer doesn't start from usb too?Can u help me please?
  7. I installed Niresh Distro from this site. I try to copy kernel from terminal rebooting from usb after installation, but won't let me use cp -f command to copy the kernel. If i try to boot from hdd using /amd, it says can't find amd, or any other, of course because never copied a kernel.....what kernel i've to use and why the command in terminal doesn't work? No suggestions on what flags to use on installation guide, i made by myself, selecting mac pro 3,1 as SMBIOS, maybe i forget to select evoreboot, this is the reason why i can't reboot.
  8. Unfortunately i have no idea on what kernel to use and the terminal, with the command cp -f, does not let me copy the kernel i want. After this, now i'm able to reach the desktop, after i installed enoch on hdd from another mac with the right flag, but the video is full of glitches, artifacts, i don't know how to explain Maybe the problem is the kernel itself Have no sound, no ethernet, no correct video, no reboot...and no right kernel i think, but it starts My specs are: AMD 1090T Phenom II 16gb Ram Corsair Geil Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 I'm booting from pen drive, because i'm not able to boot from hdd at the moment...any suggestions?I would like to start from kernel
  9. Ok, finally the system start with flag -x -v -f npci=0x3000 PCIRootUID=1, now i'm configuring account, when i finish, how to boot properly from hdd without -x? Another thing, i'm booting from usb pendrive of Yosemite Zone, what to do to boot direct from my hdd without having issues?
  10. Any idea on how to solve the problem of kernel Loading after reboot??No way to solve myself
  11. Me too, installed with same flag, even with npci=0x3000 it works, but no idea on what flag to select, absolutely.so i try to install myself, complete installation, but no luck at reboot, unable to load any kind of kernel, Always " Can't find AMD, amd64, amdfx", absolutely nothing and no chance to fix it by terminal because it says it can't find /System/Library/Extension/Kernels/kernel, but it's there!! WTF Any idea on how to arrive at desktop?
  12. Hi guys, really axcited when i knew that i could be able to install Yosemite on my AMD. Now, i created a bootable USB drive with Niresh distro, reached the installer setup with /amd npci=0x3000 flag, but not sure what flag to pin in the installer. Made by myself, successfully instaled my Yosemite, only with error 0 at the end of installation process. Assuming that the installation finish correctly, i'm not yet been able to start from HDD 'cause it alwways says me "Can't find /amd64", cause i've to boot with this flag to load AMD kernel. If i try to load the system, of course the PC restarts immediately. I find some guide on how to copy AMD kernel on /System/Library/Kernels, made it, but it's the same, i did it manually from another Mac, not from terminal 'cause it didn't let me to copy the kernel with commands. Any idea on how to reach the login screen solving my kernel issue? Thanks
  13. Could anyone help or not???Please....
  14. My specifications are in signature....For HD 4000 port, i don't know what port it use, cause i'm on a notebook, internal display i think. My intel HD 4000 has the following ID's: Intel (0x8086) ID disp. 0x0166 ID rev. 0x0009 I'm on Niresh 10.8.5, everything works fine, but i miss QE/CI only Thanks for the help
  15. Hi guys, i'm new on the forum, but not knew to Hackintosh. From a long time i'm searching to get my HD 4000 working with full acceleration, but from almost a year i'm not been able to solve this damned problem. I'm on Niresh 10.8.5, everything works except from my HD 4000. Can someone help me with this, what kernel to use, what bootloader to use, what flag to select, if i've to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes or NO....please, i'm desperate
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