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  1. cira84, when loading, use the -hp -v boot flags...
  2. AWESOME WORK...the TP-Link wn725n works great too for laptop users, $10 @ micro center .....
  3. did you pull out the install media after loading?? i know, pretty obvious ...
  4. listen to Wolfozzo, i did it on a usb thumb drive with no problems..
  5. converted to english = optical disc Failed to open file... I had no problems getting it setup within VM Box, I put the .dmg on a usb thumb drive.. try it that way if have a thumb drive ....
  6. just a warning to you Seema, and anyone else.. while trying to get my video flickering problem resolved, i loaded in a HD3000 & HD4000 file and it hosed my video up, i had to boot in safe mode,then remove those 2 kext files to get video back....that file may work on some machines,but not mine..
  7. I have wifi working.....Im pretty sure qe/ci is working, icons in dock magnify as mouse pointer moves over, and f12 brings dashboard widgets in and out ,both of those functions are very smooth....flickering happens when mouse pointer moves over links and clickable items...smbios=macbook pro 8.1
  8. well i now have wifi working using a TP-link wn725n usb wifi adapter from micro center for $10...now onto my graphics flickering problem. anyone know of a solution for screen flickering with hd3000 graphics?
  9. what finally worked for me was, 1. unselect graphics enabler. 2. select backup graphics. 3. smbios = macbook pro. 4. select laptop drivers. now these settings may be good for my laptop hp dv7, what is your specs?? give it a try and let me know what you get...
  10. I finally got Niresh 10.9 working but it has a few issues, Im getting a weird screen flicker and no wifi.. so now Im looking for help trying to understand how to resolve these issues, does anyone have any tutorials or info on how to change kext files?? and what other programs ill need to make these changes?? I will figure this out, just need to be pointed in the correct direction....what do i do next??
  11. well i finally got Maverick working, HOORAY.... I'm getting some weird screen flickering and no wi-fi, ill work those issues out next...
  12. Well, im back at it today.. Im going to try Mountain lion and see if it does the same....
  13. Still no luck, I've been at this all day and cant get it working, oh well, tomorrows another day...
  14. yep, tried safe mode with same results..I think Mav. is actually running, but without anything onscreen its impossible to do anything..from other posts it seems that the HD 3000 video shouldn't be a problem.. any other suggestions??
  15. After several attempts at creating a dual boot laptop (win7 x Maverick), I think I'm getting close, but still not working.. my last try is Niresh 10.9 created on 16g usb thumbdrive within windows 7, I load it with HP -V bootflags and everything seems to go well until booting. when it boots up it loads up for about 40 seconds then screen goes black and then I get Audio with voice over tutorial, I'm able to click the right arrow to go through each successive chapter in the voice over training..so it responds to keyboard actions, is this Mavericks?? I have tried several different options in the install customize area, and used several different boot flags also, but no luck getting video. The laptop is an HP DV7-6B32us Intel Sandybridge i7 with hd 3000 graphics, what else should I try?? I will be here all day working on this if anyone has suggestions, Ill try anything at this point...Thanks...
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