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  1. This patch doesn't work : error while extracting BaseSystemBinaries.pkg
  2. OK, so finally the faulty drive wasn't the 500 GB but the 80 GB hosting OS X :-) Remove it and created an HFS+ partition on the 500 GB with dual boot Windows 8.1/OS X. Restored my setup with Time Machine backup and now everything is fine. Next, I have to find a fix for this cpus=1 issue to have a fully operational AMD Hackintosh. Anyway, thanks for your support and encouragement !
  3. OK, I've tried HP boot flag and it doesn't seems to make any difference. USB is not faulty coz I didn't connect any USB device to the PC and the damn ejecting error is still there. Maybe it could be a hint but I'm not sure : with cpus=1 (or 2), the system lags a lot and it could explain why at a certain point, it has difficulties with read/write operations. But booting without cpus=1 results with a very unstable system with Time Clock constantly inaccurate, problems with passwords that are no longer recognized (especially when trying to connect to a network) and of course, occasional ejecting error. I'm using VoodooTSCSyncAMD.kext re-compiled for Mavericks and it allows me to boot without cpus=1 flag but it also makes my system going nut ;-(
  4. Ok, just added the boot flag to org.chameleon.plist (it's now hp npci=0x2000 and nothing else)… We'll see and I'll do some stress-tests to check if it's useful
  5. Yes I letf Tuxera and it works fine (but with or w/o it, I'va got the same error…) What is the HP boot flag ? Is it just HP in chameleon boot screen ?
  6. Hello Aman ! Thanks for your support :-) Unfortunately, I don't have any USB related option in my BIOS (It's a very old and restricted HP BIOS, it can't even let me choose which SATA drive I want to boot from )…
  7. Take a look at here : https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282821-icloud-for-amd-hackintoshes-a-workaround/ Worked fine for me and I now have a full featured (iCloud, AppStore, didn't tryed iMessages or FaceTime) AMD Hackintosh ! Enjoy !
  8. Well back again folks ! Guess what, the error came back and whatever HDD I use, it's still the same… It's driving me crazy ! I suspect that it's USB related because the error occurs (but I'm not sure) when I plug an external USB 3.0 HDD to perform a Time Machine backup. Seems like at a certain point, the OS goes crazy with read/write operations. But I don't understand why it's my internal HDD that's ejected and not my USB one. It's non-sens !
  9. Hello everyone ! I'm desperately trying to make my HP dc5750 Athlon 64 x2 3800+ with OS X 10.9.2 (AMD 10.9/10.9.1/10.9.2 kernel UPDATE III with full sse4 support Version R9) without the need to boot with cpus=1. Actually with VoodooTSCSyncAMD.kext, it boots fine but after a while, it acts strangely (bouncing icons in the dock, Time Clock inaccurate, some KP and user password not recognized among others things). I've removed it and install Kernel Patcher from Chameleon Wizard and there's no more KP but still issues with Time Clock and password recognition while System is much more responsive and sees 2 Cores. I also tried adding cpus=2 in org.chameleon.Boot.plist but issues still remains. I've tried a lot of different kernels but the cpus=1 boot flags is still the best and stable setup so far. Is there anyway to fix that ? I've read a lot of post about this and it seems there's nothing to do about this…
  10. Finally fix the cpus=1 issue by installing VoodooTSCSyncAMD.kext in E/E & S/L/E. Now I'm enjoying full Dual Core Support ! Time clock is not always accurate and some icons bounces in the dock but nothing really anoying… Thanks for your answers and help guys !
  11. I formated my "old" HDD Low Level and there's no more bad sectors (I suspect that it never had any). My Hackintosh seems to run fine so far, i didn't make any HFS+ partitions on the 500 GB HDD, it just holds Windows 8.1 and two others NTFS partitions. I can read/write on them with Tuxera and they does not suddendly disappear like before. I'm facing some system freezes when pluggin USB externel drives for Time Machine Backup but no more ejecting errors so far. So it still a mystery for me about the cause of the ejecting errors. Now, If someone knows how to boot without using cpus=1 boot flag, it would be perfect because it's so frustrating to have a Dual Core capable machine and be forced to use one single core. Tried cpus=2, busratio=10 -force64 dart=0 but while the system boots fine, it starts to act strangely after a while. Grrrrrrrr ;-)
  12. Definitely, it was the HDD, lots of bad sectors and same ejection error on another Hackintosh. Bring back tomorrow at the store for replacement.
  13. Oh yes, I did but it was OK with Tuxera too ! It wasn't an "old" HDD", it's a brand new one ;-( I'm currently formatting it low level and test it with testdisk with ubuntu to see if it's really an harware issue. We'll see, keep in touch ;-)
  14. Well I disconnected the 500 GB HDD and tryied to pluggin another HDD and it seemes OK so far. So you were right, the 500 GB HDD is someway faulty though I still can't understand why it works fine in Windows and why none of my Hardawre tests I did noticed any problems…
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