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  1. try to boot with usb key then try to update bootloader
  2. use chameleon wizard (assuming you are useing chameleon), go on theme section, chose a theme, download and apply it..... that's all....
  3. @ridz15 I don't know if clover is a good choice, in my own experience i found clover as the worst bootloader..... Anyway try to boot with usbfix=yes
  4. I think it's due to USB.... But noto sure. Try (if you can) with SATA port.
  5. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302075-amd-yosemite-kernel-testing-for-help-use-the-help-topic/page-30 first post in this page for kernel and system kext, 5 post after (Carlo_67's post) kext to replace, also download and install new niresh's amd webkit where to put all this files: S/L/Kernel ------> kernel S/L/Extension ---------> System and the 2 other kext Then reboot in safe mode, install webkit and add -f (ignore kernel chache) in boot arg. Reboot normally
  6. Here i linked the full procedure:https://www.maconpc.com/topic/5637-installation-issues-with-amd/page-2#entry21521 For what concernes the set-up, i suggest you to use the gigabyte mobo (with arguments pcirootuid=1) and the gigabyte video card, ram and CPU doesn't matter..... Once you finished the installation, follow my instruction in the link.... Pretty sure it'will work like a charm
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