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  1. Hi i have successfully install maverick on Dell n7110 laptop, only thing that laptop screen is messed up but if i connect external screen with hdmi its okey its like the laptop screen is not recognise right but it is on right resolution 1600x900 ps yeah and one thing i cant boot from the harddrive missing OS, but i tried to make partition active anyone please help
  2. Well i forgot /haswell -v but now halts on unknown CPU model
  3. Hi Have any one successfully install 10.10 on Hp elite desk 800 g1? i just tried it just reboots running the setup
  4. Hhhmm i have tried to wait but with no luck, has anyone has a sultion on this?
  5. yes tried that also... but with no luck
  6. i mean usb keyboard and mouse is not working
  7. I have now tried that but no luck, still stuck on the welcome screen of the OS, please some one!
  8. i must to some more research i only put the hackingtosh zone on a usb and installed it, must i reinstall the OS to use the chameleon wizard or can i do it afterwards?
  9. Hi again Its the problem there is no option the bios to disable usb legacy so im not sure what to do
  10. Hi Usb is working in the setup, but when im beging to customize the first setup of the OS the usb just stop working when i selecting the location and lang what can be wrong? HP 6000 pro dual core with nivida graphics card
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