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  1. "Image Volume" leave it be that way. the only thing you need to change is your partition name where you installed OSX. use amdfx if you have fx version. cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/amdfx /Volumes/"yourmacpartitionname"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel use " when there is a space beetwen your partition name. ie, "My Mac". if not,type it write away w/o ".
  2. might be should looking for intel hd 3000 that work with yosemite if the pre build kext isnt working and niresh hasnt add yet.
  3. Does converting Yosemite DMG into ISO should work on virtualbox/vmware. i know theres is ISO version of it in download section. just wanna know if thats is possible. Thanks!
  4. when start u see blinking "_" fast press 6 continuously.
  5. are u using the latest released? try pressing multiple times.
  6. download latest final released. press 6 after boot up. it will load clover bootloader.
  7. new final released (3 december) this has been fix. but chameeon still wont boot up. we need to boot into clover instead. right after you choosing your usb stick for boot up, press 6 in keyboard. it will load clover, it will give and option to continue or choose boot option,etc etc. i choose boot option and i choose boot with EFI. now apple logo should pop out. this work for me, you can playing around with the option if my option doesnt work. cheers!
  8. it is because your gpu isnt function properly QE/CI disable or no kext loaded for your gpu in S/L/E. goto S/L/E search for any related amd file if exist. post the resault and the kext name. Edit : try this for graphicenabler=no solution http://www.macbreaker.com/2013/03/radeon-7000-hackintosh.html
  9. let us know what you do when you try to make your graphic card working at the first place. so we can troubleshoot your problem. try GraphicsEnabler=No if thats doesnt work, boot in safe mode add -x if still persist, use -f this command ignore cache kext during bootup.
  10. if you can check your system information, look at graphic card. see if the kext loaded or not loaded. also at your bios, take a look which primary gpu are use. and Clover bootloader isnt for amd build. use chameleon instead prefer chameleon EFI.
  11. its always better read the how to article first before installing.
  12. stop copying the same exact commands you found. if you have intel cpu use /haswell if amd use /amd. follow this and read. cp -f /Volumes/"Images Volumes"/amd(amd)/haswell(intel) /Volumes/"YOUR YOSEMITE PARTITION NAME"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel
  13. same exact bios as mine, i guess this is happen with insyde Bios. we should report to niresh for the fix hopefully.
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