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  1. Every time I tried to boot it, it was with /haswell. Also we need to write "haswell", not "/haswell"
  2. Well is it ok if I reinstall the kexts using EasyBeast since I have a Core 2 processor on my laptop? Other then that, I always boot with -v no other settings that I can lose.
  3. My problem is that to get to MAC, I have to boot the USB up until the bootloader where I choose the installer but I choose instead my HDD in which I installed it and it only boots with -v. I don't know why.
  4. Yeah I have this problem with me too but when it starts without the installer, it boots straight to windows so I need to have the USB key in and choose my MAC installed partition to boot it.
  5. Well I heard about the new 10.10.1 update and its bug fixes but I looked everywhere and it doesn't say how to update correctly from 10.10 to 10.10.1 without losing nothing (Losing data, settings and apps). What method should I use since last time I tried to update using the distro installer, I lost all and it reinstalled using the latest version.
  6. I also got the reboot problem but for me it is Intel i7
  7. Ok good since I have DELL XPS 8700. The only difference is that mine is NVIDIA with 12GB ram. And is your Dell a "Haswell" model (4th gen intel i7) ? If so, please try to use /Haswell -v to boot.
  8. Well at least could you help me with my kernel panic and debugger problem with this link : http://s27.postimg.org/qf67xmas3/1418089575220.jpg
  9. Well back to square one sadly. It keeps rebooting even with all the kernels used. Sadly I don't remember the combination that helped me get passed the reboot. Expect a video soon about the reboot thing while it happens.
  10. Well since you have AMD FX, try to boot with "-v /amdfx" or "-v /amd(32 or 64 depending on your PC, try them all)" without quotes.
  11. Well I had a problem similar to this but for me, after it the words lag and if I look closely it says "Cannot save Panic Log to NVRAM" and "Ddeebbuuggeerr nnoott ccoonnffiigguureedd" (which means "Debugger not configured" but I wrote it exacly like it was on my screen)
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