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  1. NOT WORK Lapic init panic remowed! KLDBootstarap: :readPrelined Extinsions (void*section_64) kernel_patcher c Returning AFTER THEAT System Halted!
  2. I try this! but without results!
  3. 1. After insatlling 10.10 i have a graphics problem (some pictures reddening and crashing). 2. Web cam not work video (Logitech 310) 3. Safary not sability Then install update 10.10.1 Finder not work and system going to safe mode. After that - system not work normally
  4. Yes Graphics Problem stands ! Reddening pictures, crshing small pictures and more more graphics errors )))))))))) Yosemite to die!!!! Maverics still the beast !
  5. Only problem now is the poor screen or distorted small pictures YES! Its realy problem for AMD Yosemite! HELP US!!!!
  6. I have this problem !!! On AMD with TI550 ! Anybody fixed this problem or not?
  7. Official Yosemite app + Kernel BSA 10 10 1 + VoodooPS2 = >> Unibeast I use flag command npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v 1 After Installing replace kernel in S/L/K + replace VoodooPS2 in S/L/E 2 After Reboot => Multibeast (EasyBeast) + reboot 3 In Boot.plist GraphicsEnabler=Yes and npci=0x2000 =>>reboot 3 Yosemite FIX + KextWizard 4 Deleted VoodooPS2 (after usb mouse and keyboard still worked) + install VoodooHDA =>> All works Fine and stable!!! Besides Still Graphics Problem !!!! Reddening files (small icons and photos) + crashes some graphics files + empty screen shoot !!!! Problem remains not solve - its Graphics errors! CRUSHES REDDENING
  8. Yes worked! string GraphicsEnabler=Yes and Flags npci=0x2000 or 0x3000 On the Official Site NVIDA - drives NVIDA web But small problem - some graphics file crashed and reddening (its all beta kernel problems) )):
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