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  1. I have successfully installed the kext for my Intel 3000 Graphics Card (Built In) The problem is i still get choppy graphics, Ex: Opening the Launch Pad, It open all bad. I have Some pictures below, Thanks for the Help. Kext Used (Only The Graphics Kext): https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/436-efi-folder-hd3000-graphics-acer-5750/
  2. Take a picture of the Kernal Panic
  3. Name the problem and are you using vanilla or Niresh distro?
  4. Use Boot Manager, its one of the hot keys: F2 F8 F9 F12
  5. https://www.maconpc.com/apple/articles/guides/updating-niresh-osx-to-1093-r67/
  6. Cant get Intel HD 3000 Graphics to work
  7. You have to be patient, its still booting up, if you start to hear music coming out from it and dont see the installer, then you have to restart it and try again.
  8. Follow This Carefully: https://www.maconpc.com/apple/articles/how-to/how-to-fix-the-boot0-error-for-your-hackintosh-r25/
  9. I cant my Graphics Card to work? Tried many different types of kext(Source: Niresh Website) but they dont work, i dont get the translucent menu bar! Vanilla Mavericks Btw HP Laptop Card: Intel 3000 HD
  10. Try out the MacPoison utility and install Audio Drivers there, it should work
  11. I have a Intel HD 3000 Graphics on my HP Laptop. I need help setting up my usb with MacPwn. Im installing Mavericks. Do I need to select: IGPEnabler I heard HP Kernal Should Boot up a HP but it doesn't, i have to use: "cpus=1" to boot up? Auto Install Network and Graphics dont work? I have to look through my other USB with Mavericks Distro for the Network.pkg to get my Ethernet to work?
  12. Problem: Cant Get Intel 3000 HD Graphics Card To Install. Also, The screen size is good but it has like choppy like graphics also no menu transparency. (Tried many diffrent kinds of kext )(Used Kext Wizard + Rebuild Cache) Extra's: Vanilla Installation with MacPwn (Mavericks 10.9.3) When i used the Niresh Mavericks Distro, I could easily install the kext for the Graphics Card, Fully Working.
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