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  1. my install still sticks at 2 minutes left after disabling. The network LED was never blinking on previous installs anyways. If you see my screenshots you'll see the install sticks at "Post-Script".
  2. If someone does this, they should make sure they: 1. Window -> Log 2. Set to "Show All Logs" 3. Wait until the "Post-Script" line has appeared for a few minutes There are a lot of other things happening at 2-mins left on the progress bar so we want to make sure the computer isn't restarted prematurely.
  3. I now run my VMs with 2 cores + bridged networking. Last night I paused a yosemite install and this morning when i restarted it, the log quickly reported it had received a new IP address. So certainly the system is still reponsive even though the installation has frozen. It also says ""Disk queue stuck" a few times, which i have not seen before.
  4. I have a 4core machine, with 8 virtual cores (intel i7 Q820) ... install doesn't work with either 1, 2, or 4 cores assigned to VM. Interestingly, giving the VM 4 cores makes it run VERY sluggishly.
  5. If you wait long enough another line will appear talking about cache. I tried deleting all of the graphics kexts + bluetooth kexts. the blutooth error no longer appears but it still freezes in same place.
  6. I agree and I asked Tech Review to create a new video showing an install from .ISO. After using Tech Review's .VDI on several installs, it still only boot with -V -X, even after multiple reboots. That is also not a correct long-term solution.
  7. @ThrilaGames "Put it in virtualbox" that's exactly what we're trying to troubleshoot.
  8. I also tried using a mavericks install and upgrading via a few different ways: 1. pgrade to yosemite from the app store. Result: computer shuts down but nothing is installed 2. uppgrade to yosemite using a "MacPwn" usb drive Result: the USB drive will not boot in the VM (it displays a "6" briefly before the VM loads a bios simulator). I confirmed the USB key will boot on a real mac 3. Create a virtual Yosemite upgrade disk using some "clover" instructions I found on another site Result: The virtual disk displays a confusing mix of niresh/clover boot options (I presume related to various partitions on the 2 virtual drives) but all of them lead to either a reboot or a blank screen
  9. "-v -x" test, doesn't work: Steps: 1. Regular Yosemite-Zone.iso" install attempted (using .torrent dated Dec 3rd) 2. Install freezes at 2 minutes left ("blah blah post-install.blah") 3. Reset the VM 4. Given 3 options to boot en(0,0) (Installer) Yosemite Zone hd(0,2) (Installer) MyHardDisk hd(0,3) (Installer) Recovery HD 5. HIghlight the 2nd option (MyHardDisk), type "-v -x", press enter 6. VM chugs away for a while and eventually freezes on: "Resetting IOCatalogue."
  10. Let me start off by thanking you for the suggestion. I think if this problem is going to get solved, it's because people keep pressing random buttons until something works, OR, we'll somehow catch the attention of Niresh or another wizard and they will fix this black magic for us. What i've learned about "-v -x": -v = verbose mode, i.e., it will display a log of what's going on while booting up instead of the pretty screen. This will not ever affect whether something works, but is very useful for troubleshooting ... if you have the capability to play with your install. Unless we are going to deconstruct Niresh's hard work & build a new boot media, there's very few options we can play with and none of them seem relevant to the problems we're seeing. -x = safe mode. I assume this is like windows safe mode where only the bare minimum of drivers are loaded to ensure a bad driver doesn't crash the computer. Unless I really misunderstand the install process, it should by definition already be in "safe" mode because there are not yet any drivers installed for it to attempt to load & crash on. I suspect "-v -x" has become kind of a catch-all answer to "fix" things for people who don't understand their install and have inadvertently installed a bad driver. Ordinarily I'd be happy to use "-x" to boot a VirtualBox instance of OSX (as obviously I am only concerned about the performance & hardware compatibility of my host system). I tried it and will put results in next post.
  11. I just tried the latest ISO and everything is exactly the same. If people have got it working after a reboot, maybe you could give us some details about how you configured your virtual machine.
  12. right now I am attempting to re-install after the reset. (as per the help guide "stuck at 1 minute left"). Hasn't proven true with this .ISO, the 2nd install attempt is going as slowly as the first. Edit: 2nd install attempt fails, at ~6 minutes it says a package cannot be installed and insists machine must be restarted.
  13. Unfortunately, resetting after the install sticks doesn't work for me (i tried it many times with both the .ISO + .VDI installs last night). The loading progress bar would slow down and then stop at ~50% complete Would be very curious to see what happens for others.
  14. Nice post @Zadet! Here is the log at the time it freezes. Apparently the install can't handle "Hackintosh.Zone.Post-Script.9u5y2B" I think I found this in the .ISO (/Packes/Fix/Post.Script) but the files are binary and I have no idea how to analyze them.
  15. I cheated and used a .VDI from a youtube tutorial. It will run if you boot using the "-x" (safe mode) flag but otherwise will hang while booting after the 1st boot. I suspect this .ISO isn't yet ready to be used on virtualbox- might need a few more tweaks.
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