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  1. I come to you because I have a problem with the instalation of mavericks on my laptop dell vostro v130 intel celeron 1.2 GHz U3600 2GB DDR3-1333 Intel GMA HD graphics the problem happens before and after the instalation of mavericks I try with the following without success bootflags USBBusFix = Yes IGPEnabler = Yes -v would there a solution?
  2. gives us more detail: - Graphics card -Ram - Boots flags
  3. npci=0x2000 or npci=0x3000 tries -v -x GraphicsEnabler=no npci=0x2000
  4. Good evening I vien to you because I have a problem with my hackintosh ethernet and well connect but I can not go on the internet
  5. thank you its function perfectly still more than the DSMOS arrived to solve
  6. hello I vien to you because I have installed on my PC Yosemite But after instalation I have graphic ralentisement and also the DSMOS has arrived I unable to solve No I do not know if its a report Motherboard: Asus P8P67 M Pro Rev 3.0 Graphics card: geforce asus 560 ti Processor: Intel i5 3.3 GHz
  7. So I managed to start the instalation with the following boot-flags: / amd USBBusFix = Yes NPCI = 0x3000 GraphicsEnabler = No -v thank you for help
  8. @midkin no problem thank you for trying
  9. @midkin clean install on hard drive other than windows
  10. thank you @ but it flags the installation boot block here. http://imagik.fr/view-rl/144213
  11. I tried with the correct spelling and shows me this error http://imagik.fr/view/142856
  12. I just did but it still stuck in the same place with the following bootflags: / amd64 GraphicsEnabler = yes NPCI = 0x3000 pcirootuid = 0 usbbusfix = yes ehciacquire = yes uhcireset = yes usblegacyoff = yes http://imagik.fr/view-rl/140507 by cons I tested the update Niresh: Hackintosh Yosemite
  13. my SATA AHCI is and I tried abduct all my USB port and blocks at the same time.
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