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  1. I did it, and it went flawlessly. Funny that it's possible to update bios like that. Anyway, I've tried this exactly with Yosemite but no screen and it's speak program started talking.
  2. Here, I do have some question on how the BIOS has to be set-up. Is there something that needs to be changed? (beware of the 3 images, see links above) http://imgur.com/qCko0Th,z0VDvcC,2yBGY4e
  3. Nope, didn't work. I also tried npci=0x3000. Here are the results: https://i.imgur.com/LNL3Czd.jpg and below that: https://i.imgur.com/Vmh37Gv.jpg Getting that system uptime thing but I also notice a 'panic' in the first pic.
  4. Thanks, I could try that out if I knew how to add it haha.. Can you help me out?
  5. Hey there, I've been hackintosh'ing some PC's and with success. But now I'd like to hackintosh a small media PC. A Packard Bell iMedia X4623 with the following specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 GPU: GeForce G 210M RAM: 4GB Now, obviously I've already tried it with a Yosemite Zone but so far no luck. I wonder if this is because of the specs of the PC why it won't boot. The boot flags I've been using: (none) -v -v -x -v -x -f -F -v -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=Yes And also some combined. Can't remember what all. And yes, my BIOS is set up to AHCI. Any idea's and suggestions I can use?
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