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  1. yes just download yosemite update directly from yosemite 10.10 and install it. (i tryed this without fresh install) but you must do a post install (ptaching AppleHDA for sound ...etc)
  2. No this can't solve always the problem. i tryed this many time but without success. dont forget this : 1- Ethernet card must be en0 2- Add NVRam lib in Extra Modules 3- When using Clover booloader uncheck FIXLAN in configuration file.
  3. check md5 hach for your yosemite zone dmg file i downloaded this file 3 times before it succed.
  4. boot into single mode and delete or backup all vga kext (Geforce* AMD* NVDA* intel*) backup : grafix backup all
  5. inject VoodooSP2 keyboard kext in bootloader.
  6. My be bad usb disk or try using another usb port. I had this probelm and solved it by usin another usb disk.
  7. i solved the problem after deleting voodooHDA and using Patched AppleHDA with ALC Clover Master 100. great quality sound now. thank's
  8. try this : http://www.hackintoshosx.com/file/4277-hd5450-68f9-68e5-68e1-yosemite/ or http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/download/4276-ati-hd-5450-yosemite-1010-final-app-store/
  9. Cheaper Network Wifi card : D-Link : DWA-125 rev D1 Work great on yosemite
  10. successfully installing yosemite zone 10,10,1 using Clover Bootlaoder (!triple Boot system : windows 8,1 - Yosemite 10,10,1 - Ubuntu 14,10) hardware : Motherboard : Foxconn P67A-s Cpu : Intel I5 Ethernet : RTL 8111E VGA : AMD HD 5450 2GB Sound : ALC888S-VD (Patched AppleHDA) WIFI : DW-125 REV D1 All work greet , thank's Niresh and all Forum members,
  11. Find your device ID for your graphic Card add it to AMDRadeon3000 kext inject ATI in clover config.plist I have also ATI 5450 2GB on yomesite 10.10.1.
  12. I am running yosemite 10.10.1 and it work very well (I use Clover bootloader), My card sound is ALC888S i tryed with patched APPLEHDA and HDAEnabler but always i get No Output Device i installed voodooHDA but the sound is to poor (very low) any help?
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