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  1. Found it YAY! Ok so for anyone else I was silly enough and had "SATA" enabled, which is good for this board, however "RAID Enable ALL" Is not good! LOL any questions let me know be happy to share! Ok New issue is when booting off the newly installed mac os I get the "Still waiting for root device" now according to How to Fix Still Waiting for Root Device in Hackintosh it's a USB issue, I've tried the "USBBusFix=Yes" boot flag still no good If I can find the correct USB Kexts where would I put them? or anyone have an idea? UPDATE Below: this is the new error I'm getting now..progress...lol Again tried using the mentioned forum post same as the usb error, to fix using: ahcidisk=8 debug=8" with no Luck Ok now I'm open for some more ideas, I'm heading to bed now it's 3am. LOL I'm determined to get this up and running
  2. I've decided to try the Yosemite install instead now and see where that goes you can find below I've moved to the thread here: https://www.maconpc.com/topic/4832-yosemite-1010-firewire-guid-ffffffffffffffff-is-invalid-error/
  3. Ok it looks like it installed ok and unmounted all the virtual drives, but when I reboot that Particular hard Drive is now "hidden" and doesn't come up How do I get it to redetect the OSX Drive now that it's installed to boot? Ok sorry I think my "newbie" is showing :-(
  4. So Far so good it's loading and installing now so appearently I didn't wait long enough for everything to load. LOL I feel silly apologies all but all is looking good so far on the install screen and "About 16 Minutes Remaining" Sorry if I wasted anyone's time.
  5. Ok I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but I just disabled firewire in the bios and retried again. Here is the update screen shots. AppleATA Nforce found o units "Failed to boostrap path: Path = /Library/LaunchDaemons, erro = 2: No such file or directory" So I guess that's progress hahah
  6. Hello All, I keep getting the firewire guid ffffffffffffffff is invalid error - CPU Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Q9400 2.67 Ghz - Graphic Card Nvidia GT 740 - MotherBoard Chipset EVGA Nforce 780i (PN: 132-CK-NF-78-A1) - Wlan Nvidia - Ethernet Nvidia - Audio Card Azalia Audio (still trying to find which codec other than "HD") hope I didn't mess this up to much trying to be specific as possible, but older stuff seams to be disappearing faster then ever. thoughts?
  7. Hey all I've been having this issue Following Niresh Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 with AMD & Intel USB Version 10.9 guide. soon as I boot off the USB drive I get the following errors (see screen shots) Here is my machine build: Nforce EVGA 780i motherboard CPU: Intel Core2 Duo Quad Q9400 Video: EVGA Geforce GT-740 Ram: Corsair Dominator 4 GB HD: Western Digital Raptor 300GB 10k rpm I've dug and searched around to find a solution or something to help but no luck, what am I missing or not doing? I appreciate any help I can get.
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