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  1. Als het goed is, is Clover geïnstalleerd in je EFI partitie. Daar zou al een config.plist moeten staan. Vanuit Clover kun je die openen, de SMBIOS instellen via de eerder beschreven manier en opslaan. Dan is het alleen nog een van even opnieuw opstarten. Wanneer je naar "Over deze Mac" gaat en op Systeemoverzicht klikt, wat staat er dan onder het kopje "hardware"? https://cl.ly/2i0X1d3W1n0f
  2. It's common sense that in order to let macOS recognize especially nvidia cards, you'll need to use a SMBIOS that uses similar nvidia cards. For example: When I use the MacPro6,1 SMBIOS, I'll end up with a black screen too on my GT 710. Installing nvidia's web drivers would be my second option, because like he says: his card is not being recognized at all. It should work fine on the default OS X drivers, with or without full acceleration.
  3. There might be an option in your BIOS to change the power button's behavior
  4. Wanneer je in Clover configurator naar het tabje "SMBIOS" gaat, heb je rechts een soort toverstaf. Als je daar op klikt, krijg je een aantal apple producten te zien. Klik op iMac. Vanuit daar kun je kiezen voor iMac14,2. Clover Configurator vult de gegevens verder automatisch voor je in. Sla de gegevens vervolgens op en start de computer opnieuw op. in "Over deze Mac" zou je dan moeten zien dat je op een iMac14,2 zit. Als het goed is zou je videokaart dan ook herkent moeten worden.
  5. Before quitting the installer, open the installer log. You'll be able to see what the problem is then. When does it give you the error? Also please provide us some system information.
  6. Strange. You could try two things: 1. Boot, wait until your screen turns black and let it be for some time, just to make sure that Yosemite is fully booted. Then, turn your computer into sleep and wake it up again to see if your monitor turns on. 2. Do you have integrated graphics as well? If so, set them as primary within your bios. Try to boot then. The downside of this is that you won't be able to see anything until Yosemite has completely booted. Both suggestions come out of a time of Mountain Lion, but you could always try. How is your monitor connected (VGA/HDMI/DVI/DP etc)?
  7. Misschien is het dan makkelijker als we het even bij het Nederlands houden?
  8. "beeldscherm", you are Dutch? You need to have a SMBIOS for iMac14,2 or any other that supports Nvidia graphics. Assuming that Clover Configurator is installed, start it up and go to the "SMBIOS" tab. There you'll be able to create a SMBIOS.
  9. Boot with bootflag GraphicsEnabler=Yes Also: which smbios are you using?
  10. Please be advised Niresh just released Sierra Zone today, thanks for that. But guys, be advised that Sierra will not run on all processors. Sierra needs at least SSE4.1. So, before installing: please check whether your CPU has the SSE4.1/SSE4.2 features or not. SSE4a is NOT supported. If your processor lacks the SSE4.1 feature, El Capitan is the last macOS you'll be able to run. For now. In the future there might be a patched kernel with a SSE4.1 emulator. Also: it is known that ev0reboot.kext is causing kernel panics in El Capitan and Sierra. If you are using that kext, please delete it.
  11. What exactly do you mean by "black screen"? Your monitor turns off because it gets no signal?
  12. First: Mac is not Linux, but FreeBSD based. FreeBSD != Linux, they just both belong to the Unix family. It is possible to install FreeBSD over PXE and I've read about cases where they installed macOS through netboot, but these articles are pretty old. If it still is possible, however, I doubt that it will work with hackintoshes as well.
  13. If you hover over my name there will be an option to message me
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