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  1. Here's Some other information. The panic is Panic (cpu 1 caller 0xffffff80003ffd56) kernel trap at 0xffffff800041a272, type 13=general protection, registers This could help you I think... Thank you for this big help
  2. I excuse me I know I 'm a noob but maybe I could help you I have a R9 280X wich is the same as a hd7970, I never tried it with Yosemite (I'm trying to make it working now) but in Mavericks I made it working with GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No and AtiConfig=Hamachi or AtiConfig=Tahiti
  3. Ok it worked, thank you so much! but now i have as usual a kernel panic, something like cpucaller2 <panic>gain. I tried cpu=1 busratio=17 colors=32 maxmem=4096 /amd -x but no one of these worked... Hope you can help me, please
  4. Thank you so much @ I tryed moving the mouse continuously during the installation but it still stuck sat the same point. I'll use Mac pro and Clover Have you got any other solution
  5. Hi everyone and thank you so much for the help! First of all excuse me for my bad English speaking, I would really like to tag every problem of mine with a number because I think it's easier for me (and maybe also for you) to u dertand quickly what we are talking about) I'm trying to install Yosemite in my PC (following the specs) with a usb created with Yosemite zone (10.10.1) and TransMac. CPU Intel core i5 4690K GPU R9 280X from sapphire (but at the moment I'my using the integrated hd 4600 from Intel because it causes less problem in the installation then I will try to adapt the system for the R9) MoBo Asrock z97 extreme 4 Hdd sea gate barracuda 1tb with two partition one for windows (installed in gpt) and one for the Mac I have no dvd reader I have a wireless adapter use by dlink My Audio card is integrated in the mobo I don't know the model I think it' she purity sound 2 My first problem (1) is that when I try to install Yosemite the installation stuck at 8 min left and in the log I can read something like extracting Essential. Pkg: when it freezes (I can t move noting mouse was stopPed)I keep it running for half an hour but nothing happened .this is the biggest problem. At the moment I'm starting the installer with -X because if I don't it get a kernel panic. 2) I would like to know if it is better to install the system with the integrated gpu and then move to the dedicated or start all with the R9 dedicated . 3) what Smbios shuold I use? iMac 15,2 is o.not in the option of naresh preferences 4) what shuold I install to fix my wifi card? (I'll give you the precise model as soon as possible) Thank you so much experts, this is my first hack and I'm so excited, and thank you for the fantastic release! Hope you could help me, please.
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