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  1. Hi niresh, unfortunally the -f bootflag doesn't solve my problem..i'll trying to install Yosemite in an external hdd..the installer works and i am able to do the first boot but after this when i'm booting i ll see this error
  2. i've tryed the -f boot flag but it doesn't work for me do you have an apple id account? like if u use an idevices
  3. Same here with my asus n550jk..i've tried everything..+1 for you because i hope someone help us
  4. i've fixed it removing voodoohda kext, maybe was an incompatibility problem, i have patched appleHDA with clover configurator and now work better and without freeze but i have the problem with iCloud App Store login work well
  5. i have installed voodooHDA...i use clover booting from os x partition because in my clover from uefi asusnbfnkey kext and backlight keyboard doesn't know..is related?
  6. yes...more or less...finder doesn't respond and i need to reboot but i think is not only an itunes problem but a problem with Audio because with vlc is the same when i play a song
  7. i i have a problem with itunes...most time when i play music with itunes i hear a continuos sound from my hard disk and the loading rainbow in my mouse cursor and i only do a shutdown..at restart everything goes fine with other thinks...is a problem with kext?
  8. i've clover in the bios...the patches for iCloud online doesn't work for me...any ideas??
  9. I've installed os x 10.9.1 with only one problem with applehda kext for the Audio...i've deleted this and reinstalled voodoohda and now work Now i ll try to fix icloud & coEdit: doesn't work for me :/ and i have "ethernet" not en1 or en0
  10. Now i have almost the exactly kext in my windows desktop and now is easier install os x i am almost in the same situation when i was yesterday...now i create a image of my partition for backup before try to upgrade to 10.9.1 another time
  11. I don't know...os x has freezed when kexthelper was fixing permission and i have shutted down the pc now i have reformatted and now try to reinstall all
  12. i have installed 10.9.1 upgrade and i now my osx doesn't boot...there are nvidia kext another time but i don't have installed it now os x doesn't boot and my partition is corrupted... i'll try to reinstall all from the pendrive with the niresh build
  13. ok is better to create a backup with time machine before the update? i've removed the appleintelcpupowermanagment kext and installed nullcpupowermanagment from niresh's build and now i have a 43-51°C cpu temperature with x32.0 moltiplicator and cpu at 3.17ghz thanks ..istat pro isn't available for download but i've resolved i think another question is regarding clover.. i've installed clover in efi partition but if i start osx from this i have got a error appleusbport: port 10 of hub at 0x14000000 about to terminate a busy device...attempt 10 second, and this state is repeatly infinite time but i've installed another clover inside the mac partition of my hard drive and pressing start osx from internal system and inside this i select start osx from osx it's work .-. ah, i have a read-only windows now...is possibile to resolve this issue? EDIT: iMessage,FaceTime and iCloud doesn't work but App Store yes..is possible to solve this?
  14. thank you is my first hackintosh XD is possibile to bringe me a fakesmc for maverick? and another question...is safe to install the 10.9.1 update from apple store? the are know problems?
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