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  1. How do we use this configure tool to change the hackingtosh theme pre installed to something I want.... And do you use the use drive as the target drive to use in the config tool?
  2. jack254718

    MacPwn Yosemite

    What, where u get hidden files pocket from?
  3. jack254718

    MacPwn Yosemite

    There is not customisation button more is ther? In macpwn....
  4. I agree. Would be better as a distribution
  5. jack254718

    MacPwn Yosemite

    I'm can't get the final version to install network drivers so I'm using GM VERSION which works fine, it's exactly same as final version. Try and install that. Imdzl.com has the gm version to download. Macpwn will install it to use for you.
  6. jack254718

    MacPwn Yosemite

    Mines did the same. Took 5 -10 minutes before the progressed changed. Just be patient as there are loads of data files for macpwn to move. It does work just takes a loooooonnnnnnggggggg time.
  7. hello. Noob here. Installed using niresh macpwn yosemite 10.10GM 1. The mac store is saying there's a GM 2 update. Question is, is it safe for me to update without messing up boot or system. Any SERIOUSLY answers would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Ok but I'm bit confused. Noon lol. What if I replaced all the files within default folder with the new files I download via the site u given above. I don't want to mess my boot loader up. Just hate the theme. Seems I have to have use plugged in to boot up u see.
  9. Can it be used on gm version? Clover
  10. hi noob here. Just installed 10.10 gm today using macpwn 1.1. The boot screen for clover has green black theme. How do you change the theme. The i station works fine and systems up and running.
  11. jack254718

    MacPwn Yosemite

    No customise on either macpwn or so x installation anymore. So can't install Ethernet drivers anymore. Mac pawn needs major update!
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