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  1. Hi all I changed something on my chameleon.boot.plist (ethernetbuiltin) and after i rebooted a bar at the bottom appears that was loading and after it disappears my laptop doesn't boot in mac it just stuck with apple logo! i removed with transmac the line i added but it stills do the same thing.. (i tried to boot with these flags: -f , -F, -x and nothing changed) Anyone who can help?
  2. hi all i have installed and used successfully mac but now i installed linux too and the linux bootloader is now first and when i select mac it does nothing.... how can i set the mac's bootloader first? thnx
  3. i just did the update and i haven't kernel panic
  4. ok but when i updated to 10.9.1 i had a kernel panic...(from appstore) do i have to do something more?
  5. Notthing again....i remove the kext first repair permisions restart laptop and then install the kext of your post did that in slythering(tools->kernel and system cache ) restart but the only i can see is in system pref the touchpad recognized but not responding...:/
  6. nothing but i'm using slytherin 1.1 can you post 1.0 here so i can try with that>?
  7. in slytherin 1.0 when i install it says that i these kexts can't be used because they didn't installed prpoperly and after install i install them with kext wizard(because they have been extracted in extensions)
  8. hi sorry for the delay but perhaps i lost my post i have mavericks 10.9.0
  9. Hi all... My laptop has elan touchpad and with the last program slytherin i succeded to recognize the touchpad(in system properties i can change the settings for my touchpad) but it doesn't move or click...anybody can help? thnx
  10. ok all done If you want edit your other post with the last step Thank you very much!!!!!! You are amazing!!!!
  11. i did it i configure it in system pref (it says "Ethernet has a self-assigned IP address and will not be able to connect to the Internet.") but still not access in appstore...
  12. with wifi...:/ (i can't use ethernet because i can't find kexts for my ethernet) there isn't something i can do?
  13. I get this message: Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance. And i can't download anything...any suggestions?
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