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  1. I have an 8350 fx myself with an asus 990x board.it will only boot to safe mode with ncpi boot flag.I feel your pain.I am using mavericks...it's perfect
  2. my friend go back to mavericks..I have the same hardware and it's not working right..i have mavericks and it's perfect
  3. I have an 8350 fx..only safe mode will boot proper
  4. I'm at a loss with this one too.Still using mavericks until I can figure it out.
  5. Did you have success with 8350fx with amd1?
  6. /amd works but I'm only getting to safe mode after install
  7. /amd does the same with 8350 fx...no start without -x...sticking with mavericks
  8. not sure but id leave it alone if it works well.
  9. it might be lag depending on your hardware.It usually means the graphics card is not running fully or isn't supported.A far as internet goes,try tony macs multibeast yosemite on a usb and unzip file in mac...it has drivers for a lot of ethernet.thats what i used.
  10. if that doesn't work then format your usb,or a different one and put multibeast yosemite on it..open and install your ethernet from the drivers part
  11. try mavericks and type AMD at boot...if it gets stuck or hangs..hit -x to boot into safe mode and let the Niresh installer do the magic.
  12. Awesome man..where did you get the case?
  13. how are you making out?I am thinking of trying this cpu...
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