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  1. enable legacy boot in your bios, have windows already installed then install os x onto another partition or drive. Make sure you boot with the appropriate flags. (amd or amd64 or amdfx)
  2. I use an SSD and it works OOB, Try booting with UseKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v Post back where it gets stuck.
  3. try boot with amdfx and put your bios in legacy mode
  4. Hrm try looking at this thread is sounds like its a vmx setting or something. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/297283-vmware-9-running-os-x-mavericks-grey-logo-instant-reboot/
  5. Enter the VMWARE bios f2 / esc I cant remeber how and disable efi or enable legacy. This is how to enable is https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-27736 It will give you an dea what to do.
  6. For the Sound you can use Nresh all in 1 sound package in the downloads section. For the Wifi you can use Niresh all in 1 network package in the download section. As for the GFX, Try booting at the Niresh boot screen with flags: UserKernelCache=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  7. Well here is the fix. In terminal execute the following commands cd /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ sudo mv com.apple.pacemaker.plist com.apple.pacemaker.plist.OFF sudo crontab -l > /tmp/foo echo '*/5 * * * * /usr/sbin/ntpdate -s -B -u time.apple.com' >> /tmp/foo sudo crontab /tmp/foo Restart
  8. Windows bootloader is horrid, Mark your Mavericks partition as Active then set your Mavericks HDD in bios as 1st boot device and use the Chameleon bootloader.
  9. I am now 14 minutes ahead of real time!! Soon I will be able to predict the euro millions lottery numbers!
  10. You could download Chameleon wizard and reinstall the bootloader to fix the latter however for the former I belive that "npci=0×2000" is set default after installation anyway (at least on my system it was) so actually setting that flag at the Niresh boot screen is counter productive. If I were you I'd start from scratch and have a look inside the customise button at installation when you select your Mavericks medium, Here you can set boot loader flags to be permamently added durning installation, Your provided screenshot is stuck at the same bluetooth section that mine was stuck at but on my system I found that it was UseKernelCache=Yes that was causing all my issues. So I simpily started again and used AMD64 GraphicsEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=No and everything worked perfect even my GFX card was detected and initialised at install.
  11. Ok try and boot with just these flags at the Niresh boot screen. GraphicsEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=No -v
  12. I have noticed when I leave my hackintosh turned on that when I return the Time is faster than normal time. For example This morning at 8 am I noticed the time was 34 minutes faster than real time, So I opened up time preferances and just that action alone forced a re-sync of the time with the time server I have set (Europe). I came home 9 hours later to find the time again had lost sync with +12 minutes over the real time and again just opening up time preferances forced a re-sync. I understand Apple did something with ntpd and pacemaker in 10.9 Mavericks but how can one fix this annoying bug? Rgs
  13. GraphicsEnabler = yes Usekernelcache = no Chameleon plist
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