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  1. My system just freezes up chameleon bootloader, 1st gen core i3 cpu series 5 mobo
  2. Will it work for bcm4313? How to check and save kernel panic if not supported?
  3. is it Mavericks DVD iso or Mountain Lion?, i tried Mavericks iso before some time it was also not working i wasted my Dual Layer DVD, try Mavericks USB dmg file installer it works
  4. does not works on intel core i3 1st generation cpu, my touchpad and mouse are not working only keyboard is working, any help will be appreciated
  5. i also have an elan touchpad but i can only use keyboard (USB Mouse is also not working) OS 10.9.0
  6. now keyboard is working just want to make touchpad and USB mouse working any one here ?
  7. The verbose screenshot where its making problem?
  8. Lenovo Laptop freezes after fresh install while language selection option(keyboard, touchpad, USB Mouse freezes)
  9. tom.webbiy


    how to use if it freezes touchpad and keyboard on newly installed mac os x while their is a language selection option
  10. what if the problem is on Laptop Lenovo G560, intel core i3 330M 1st generation CPU, Intel HD Graphics and laptops Keyboard and touchpad not working while language selection option after restart
  11. How to use this after installation restart while making selection of language and computer name etc. Options..... My keyboard and mouse is not working ( tried both usb mouse and touchpad ) and also selected PS2 kext while installation under customize option... Please reply if anyone know the solution
  12. hello i am using dual boot windows 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 on my laptop which has Chameleon bootloader to select boot OS, the problem is when i try to boot Mac OS it freezes up my touchpad, keyboard and USB Mouse which does not allows me to select language option and computer name all that newly installed options to select, so i am not able to use Mac OS, if any one facing same error please help: (I also tried cpus=1 command while boot, but it doesnt work) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU: Intel core i3 330M, 2.13 ghz, Arrandle, 1st Generation cpu Graphic: Intel HD Graphics (iGPU) Mobo: Intel HM55 Chipset Wlan: Broadcom Ethernet: Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Audio : Conexant CX20671 Laptop Model: Lenovo G560 RAM: 6GB
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