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  1. Why i can't change resolution, i have just 720 x 1280 :/
  2. I succcessfully installed, everything works, thanks everyone. When i installing i selected GraphicEnabler=No and my graphic kext. And just one more question, is there any possability to update it to Mavericks without USB?
  3. Meaby i should remove all other drives except the one, where i want to install Mac, and after installation to plugg them back
  4. http://www.tomshw.it/forum/attachments/hackintosh/83769d1382975625-installare-niresh-10-8-2-img_0528.jpg Something like this, tried with usekernelcache=no -v ge=no , just loading
  5. Ok, ima instaled 10.8.2 again and same problem suck on apple logo after installation, i selected Graphic enabler, i tried -v, -x not help
  6. No i have boot0: error so im every time boot from dvd (F8)
  7. How to choose between Windows and Mac on startup? And can i update it to some newer version of Niresh or some else?
  8. Ok, thanks a lot, I'm installed it, and its work, but I'm not going to shut down pc again
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