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  1. Hello Guys, I want help regarding installing MAC 10.11 aka El captain on my dekstop please suggest me right guide My Desktop Specs: Processor : i5 3570 Motherboard : DB75EN GPU : Galexy GT630 2gb or I can use Intel HD 2500 RAM : 10gb Also suggest me whats kexts i should choose while installing musltibeast. Thanks !! PS : I cant find topic for EL Captain SO, I have posted. Apology for this.
  2. usb..i am using chimera on another USB to boot maverick USB...because mavericks USB wont boot on its own
  3. M getting this problem while booting mavericks installation usb...tried couple of boot flags..nothing helped Tried -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 Please do check screens and guide me for this...thank you Desktop Specs: Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2 ghz Intel 965RY Mobo 5 GB RAM ATI Radeon 5450 1GB DDR3
  4. well i made USB bootable with Niresh Mavericks USB image...Mavericks is not installed..i want to boot USB drive to install..but not booting though same drive boot on my patop
  5. i have PC has config Core2Duo E4500 and intel 965RY mobo 8gig ram...problem is its not booting mac mavericks USB drive for install(Niresh's DVD) while same booting on my laptop..what should i do to boot it...use any seperate USB with bootloder? can u suggest me bootloader which able to boot on it ?
  6. well thank you !! did Successful install on vostro..just Volume slider is not working(Audio is working) and Touchpad Gestures like scrolling are not working...can you suggest any kexts for alps touchpad
  7. I have installed couple of kexts for intel HD and for touchpad..after that m getting this error white booting....thanks
  8. I have created Niresh Mavericks USB installer from the guide and the problem is it is booting on my laptop but its not booting on my desktop computercan any body tell me whats the problem and the solution?thanks !!PS : my desktop is bit old (core2Duo 2.2 ghz and intel 965RY motherboard)i have tried bootutility on other USB drive..with clover botloader..it stuck at..screenshot attached
  9. just one last question in the "Customize" phase i have to check just graphics enabler? and voodoo? actualy i aint got about voodooHDA... does it post installation fix or fall under cutomize phase during installation...thanx
  10. thanx for reply...i'll try it out mavericks because i recently downloaded niresh mavericks
  11. Hello, Suggest me Methods and compatible MAC versions for the bellow harware: My Desktop Spec: Processor : Intel Core2Duo E4500 2.2ghz Motherboard : Intel 965RY Motherborard(G965 chipset) RAM : 5 Gb RAM DDR2 GPU: ATI Readon HD 5450 1GB GPU My Laptop Spec: Model: Dell Vostro 1550 Processor : Core i3 (2nd Generation) 2310M 2.1ghz Chipset : Mobile HM65 Express RAM : 2Gb RAM DDR3 GPU:Intel HD Graphics (HD3000) please suggest me compatible OSX version and Install methods for above to Computer.. Thank You in Advanced.
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