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  1. My bandwidth is pretty good..! Hey isn't a software through which i can search for missing drivers in hackintosh and directly download from there....??
  2. I used my iphone's data connection to create a personal hotspot via usb to access internet on my hackintosh..!Could thos be the reason why imsg and icloud wouldn't wrk...??
  3. No i'm using personal hotspot to access internet via iphone's 3G...!
  4. will it work if i'm using my iphone's 3G to connect to internet..?? My ethernet and wifi are not workin..! Thank you.
  5. Nope nothing works..!:(My wifi, ethernet, imsg, icloud nothing works..!Please help me fix them..!
  6. Hi,Thanx for replying..!I have tried niresh's all in one nerwork solution and it din help..!I'll try out the solution you posted amd let u know..!Thank you
  7. Please could someone help me with these drivers.I'm really happy about mavericks hackintosh but it's a mess..!Thank you guys...!
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