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    Intel HD Graphics is not supported by Hackintosh
  2. Keep moving mouse so the system will not go into sleep state.
  3. Follow this guide and replace memory fix driver
  4. Mac on PC

    DELL Servers

    Mac support only limited set of Graphics Chipset.
  5. It is better to use a Separate hard disk for Mac.
  6. Setting AHCI in BIOS is required for Macos to function.
  7. It is because of the kernel unsupport, choose Intel
  8. You should read guide and there is a date changing process to fix it.
  9. In 90% of the case the OS has installed successfully so better try to boot from it as the final steps of installation has finished there is less to worry
  10. Could you translate this to English?
  11. There is no picture attached, could you attach the picture please
  12. Have you tried whatevergreen kext? It fixes most graphics related issues automatically
  13. Keep pressing number 2 when booting from usb, also you must have enabled CSM in BIOS
  14. First install Niresh Catalina, after that you can upgrade it through Appstore its easy
  15. There is no big sur released yet, you might have to wait for sometime, strange name isn’t it.
  16. Probably your BIOS settings are wrong, check them Mojave supports only UEFI.
  17. We have already covered a topic
  18. Try to download AMD Mojave Hackintosh & Follow the Mojave Guide
  19. EFI Partition of Catalina can be accessed from Windows, Copy the following kexts to Other folder inside Kexts folder. Download FakePCIID Copy only two of these Kexts FakePCIID.kext FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext After copying these Kexts boot from it.
  20. @isa99 Follow the steps provided in the following topic
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