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Chameleon Enoch r2700 r2700

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What's New in Version r2700
[2699] Switch order in pre-processors conditional directives.
[2696] Conditional # @build time for random-seed algo, partial rollback. fix boot hang for some old motherboard. (Thx crazybirdy)
[2694] Changed type definition for getStringFromUUID.
[2691] Timing Functions (Credits to Zenith432)
[2690] Setting core and thread for ATOM 3700 (Credits to Slice)
[2689] Merge Rock/Paper/Scissors algo (Credits to cparm)
[2688] Refactoring networking.c and correct typo.
[2686] Cleanup text info for bdmesg output.
[2685] Merge enable_wifi feature (original concept by meklort) and IDs from Enoch Branch
[2684] Update IDs and IDs macro define (gam, hda and networking)
[2682] Refactoring and optimization for cpu.c (Credits to Bronya)
[2681] Typo for device inject.
[2678] Update CREDITS
[2676] Correct CPU Brandstring detection and logic order.
[2674] Update ForceHPET (Credits to meklort)
[2673] Casting value for ATi.
[2672] Refactored nvidia mem detection.
[2671] Update CPUID.
[2669] Fix detection output for memory type.
[2668] Refactoring prf and DecompressData functions (Credits to cparm).
[2667] Correction for 0112 and 0122 gma device.
[2665] Update data for embedded HDA enabler.
[2664] Update IDs for Resolution module (Credits Clover Team)
[2663] Update and improve gma source.
[2662] Move hex2bin fund to better location.
[2661] Reworked and order functions for moot.c (Credits to Bronya)
[2657] Added missed script for chameleon pkg (SkipStage0 SkipStage1 SkipActivePartition) also correct sectorsize.c
[2656] Move get_acpi_cpu_names to proper location.
[2654] Restore mask PIC0 interrupts for cpu
[2653] Typo and correction for gma.c
[2652] Added preliminar broadwell gfx support (new boot key IntelBdwFB = 0 to 19) (Thx Pike R. for the useful info)
[2651] Correct spelling (BROADWELL was BRODWELL) added more Broadwell IDs
[2650] Add missed haswell-ig values, typo for gma.c
[2649] Comment "out" never used/old nvidia cards (credits to Slice)
[2648] Correct mistake in cpu.c (Credits to Bronya)
[2647] Implement Bronya's AMD support (Credits to Bronya)
More info here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forum/318-amd-development/
[2646] Revert changes made in commit 2602
[2645] Add pkg ability to "Skip" capabilities for Stage 0, Stage 1 and the activation (Credits to Micky1979)
[2644] fix patch of brew get text (Credits to FurtiF)
[2643] Revert changes for multiboot args.
[2640] Add StartupPowerEvents and tweak for fake_efi.c (credits to Pike R. Alpha)
[2639] Add machine-signature (credits to Bungo)
[2637] Add size as arg to getPlatformName using strlcpy
[2632] Protect timing code in scan_cpu() from interrupts, use bios for sleep()
[2631] Fix setupChosenNode, Tweak asm.s
[2630] Change identity snprintf to strncpy + misc printf issues
[2625] Reformatted machOconv.c (credits to Pike R. Alpha)
[2624] Add sizeof for archCpuType.
[2623] Improve getOSVersion (credits to Bronya)
[2615] Implement strlcat (credits to cparm)
[2614] Allow multi-digit version numbers (disk.c)
[2609] - Correct Kabini FB name was "Abini"
- Changed cards IDs order now is low to hight
- Add new cards ID (kNull FB)
[2608] Add IDs for GeForce GTX 960 and Quadro k1200 (nvidia.c)
[2597] Sanitize 16-bit assembly
[2595] Fix bug in malloc_init, use bios for enableA20()
[2586] Implement strlcat (credits to cparm)
[2585] Merge Interrupt Management changes from Zenith432 branch to my branch
[2584] Update pkg scripts (credits to Micky1979)
[2581] comment devprop value for IOName gma.c
[2576] Reworked cpu.c (Credits to Bungo)
[2572] Fix typo in the Makefile for modules that prevents optimizations (Credits to Zenith432)
[2571] Fix miscalculation in usb.c (Credits to Zenith432)
[2569] Update Chameleon pkg Installer (Allow install on ESP). (Credits to Micky1979)
[2565] Rollback ZALLOC_LEN value to commit 2554 (Thx Zenith432)
[2562] Added ability to auto-select last booted partition as the boot volume (Credits to Bungo).
[2561] Remove macros for checkOSVersion(xx) and replace with MacOSVerCurrent and MacOSVer2Int
[2560] Added MacOSVerCurrent and MacOSVer2Int function to use instead of macros, fixed bug in gDarwinBuildVerStr extracting.
[2559] Fixed fixedUUID function (Credits to Bungo).
[2558] Improve GMA detection for HD4x00 HSW cards.
[2557] Added new IDs for nVidia cards.
[2556] Refactor function patch_nvidia_rom (Credits Clover Team)
[2555] Update HDA data for internal HDAEnabler injector.
[2548] Move define stuff from cpu.h to platform.h
[2547] Update cpu define (Bungo)
[2545] Temp. comment out .IABootFiles hidden folder on boot partition. (Credits to Bungo)
[2544] Added Logging start time (credit Bungo)
[2543] Improve detection for HD4200, HD4400 and HD4600 (gma.c)
[2541] Added getRTCdatetime() Int 1Ah function 02h - RTC service (Credits to Bungo)
[2535] Use caching with ExFat filesystem by Zenith432
[2532] Add sectorsize utility by Micky1979 see: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302764-sectorsize-v11-a-tool-to-detect-the-physical-and-logical-sector-size-of-hard-disk-advanced-f ormat-supported/
[2528] Add turning off USB legacy for XHCI (XHCILegacyOff) credits to Zenith432
[2527] C6 & C7 States (Credits to Clover Team)
[2526] define recursive cpu series for BrandString
[2524] saio_types.h, biosfn.c - minor typo in bios-defined data structure that isn't actually used. fake_efi.c - eliminate redundant scan of bt(0,0) in setupSmbiosConfigFile. loadConfigFile already does a fall-back scan of bt(0,0), so another scan isn't needed. sys.c - While scanning a volume, getOSVersion looks for 5 files and switches back-n-forth between hd(X,Y)/....SystemVersion.plist on the newly scanned volume and bt(0,0)/hd(X,Y)/...SystemVersion.plist - which is an invalid path - should always return an error.
[2523] Change to disk.c - Prevent getOSVersion from looking for SystemVersion.plist on FAT32 or exFAT file systems - since those filesystems never serve as system volumes. UFS may serve as system volume, but there's no driver to read from it. Change to sys
[2522] Patch from issue 388, init_module_system() in modules.c dereferences NULL pointer
[2520] boot1-install can show ntfs volume (Credits Clover Team)
[2519] Improve gma detection for HD4600
[2518] Add UseIntelHDMI for (hda-gfx=onboard-1 or onboard-2) that vale will be injected into the GFX0 and HDEF devices (Credits Clover Team)
[2516] Full implementation of exfat support for Chameleon's boot2 stage.
[2515] Inject "kext-dev-mode=1" if OS X 10.10 is detected
[2511] Incorporated Micky1979's force umount option -u (boot1-install.c)
[2510] Replace boot0 with boot0xg(1.0.3). Now boot0xg has all features of previous boot0 + recognize exFAT on MBR marked active + recognize exFAT+FAT32 on GPT typed as "Microsoft basic data".
[2507] Add UseIntelHDMI for hda-gfx = onboard-1 or 2 that vale will be injected into the GFX0 and HDEF devices. credits Clover Team
- Improve gma detection for HD4600
- Completed patch for ExFAT support ( https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302938-exfat-volume-boot-record-for-chameleon )
- add EXFAT boot support by Zenith432
- Merge patch from issue 386 (boot2 does not know how to read files from FAT partitions on GPT)
- Update laoder.h to latest, declare gMI global, Load modules passed in via the multiboot header / first boot loader, fix mboot.h include, Add ?log command to print out bdmesg without needing Wait=y, Add slightly more debugging for modules.

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