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  • DNS Killer for Mac By Niresh

    Public DNS Changer for macOS, because why, Macs automatically changes DNS address set in System Preferences to default (Networks > Advanced > DNS).   Mac changes DNS Settings After Shutdown, Restart or Log out.   Using Public DNS instead of default DNS is a better choice Why? Public DNS are faster. Faster DNS Resolver time. Bypass DNS based internet censorship
  • nVidia Web Driver Auto Installer By Niresh

    Nvidia MacOS Driver Installer automatically tries to install the correct version of web-driver aka Nvidia Alternative Driver for your macOS.   You should configure Clover or Chameleon to make nVidia web-driver to function correctly in Hackintosh. This step is not necessary for any Genuine Macs. This installer can be used in Macintosh & Hackintosh, doesn't do any harm.       Features: Auto-Install Nvidia alternative-drivers Copy Correct Webdriver P
  • Legacy Video Patch Catalina By VistaFan12

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    This program tries to fix the Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics card and nVidia GeForce 5xx, 4xx, 2xx, 8600M(GT)/8800M(GT), 9400M/9600M(GT), 320M/330Mand series using patched kexts. After installation of kext files by the program, edit Clover config and enable "Inject Intel" or "Inject nVidia". This program may not work with Mac On PC distro! Fix/patch: dosdude1 and AsentientBot. For Mojave support, please click here.
  • Chameleon Enoch r2700 By Niresh

    What's New in Version r2700 [2699] Switch order in pre-processors conditional directives. [2696] Conditional # @build time for random-seed algo, partial rollback. fix boot hang for some old motherboard. (Thx crazybirdy) [2694] Changed type definition for getStringFromUUID. [2691] Timing Functions (Credits to Zenith432) [2690] Setting core and thread for ATOM 3700 (Credits to Slice) [2689] Merge Rock/Paper/Scissors algo (Credits to cparm) [2688] Refactoring networking.c and correct typo.
  • Kext Wizard By Gatekeeper

    Kext wizard is a simple but efficient application to Install KEXTS. In macOS KEXTS are known as Kernel Extensions which are similar to drivers in windows.   Features of Kext Wizard. Installs Kexts to /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions (Chameleon Bootloader). It can pack Kexts into mkext and extract mkext into Kexts. Shows loaded kernel extensions so you can check if a kext is loaded or not. Shows information about kexts and you can use it to ch
  • VMware Tools for OS X (darwin.iso) By Niresh

    This is the current version of VMware Tools for OS X from the VMware CDS repository for Fusion 7.0.0   To check for the latest version visit http://softwareupdat...desktop/fusion/. The various VMware Tools downloads are located under the packages folder for each version.

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