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Mac OS X does not need a super PC to run, even on PC’s running low.

Apple from the moment it announced it would adopt the same Intel processors, that around 2005, opened a big gap for consumers to install its fabulous and sophisticated OS onto other Intel based systems.

See the minimum configurations:

256MB of RAM
10GB free on HD
Graphics card 32 MB
Drive to DVD
We guarantee that all the components - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, video, webcam etc - will work and that the OS will be stable.

You can build your system for a lot less than a real Mac and get the performance of a top-dollar Apple machine. This is fact and a lot of the real Mac users will deny, but it is fact.

Why run OS X?

Well, when you are just used to Windows, it is like living inside a house and not experimenting the whole world out there. Once you get out of it, it is just amazing. Mac is just that: You just feel like glued to the computer. Everything is just beautiful, the interface, the stability. Once you experiment it, you don’t want to go back to windows. Trust me.